Integrate building systems with new smart building technologies

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Integrate building systems with new smart building technologies

Schindler Elevator Corporation’s myPORT – a system that measures activity and grants access to elevators and entrances via an app. (Schindler Elevator Corporation).

Create nearly seamless integration between the machinery that makes buildings habitable. These smart technologies link HVAC systems, appliances, lighting, and plumbing to one portal, making it easier to adjust settings and monitor a building’s energy output, both remotely and in situ.

wiSCAPE by Hubbell Lighting
(Courtesy Hubbell Lighting)

Hubbell Lighting

Maximize energy savings with this wireless outdoor lighting system designed for developers and builders. The platform makes it easy to remotely manufacture and configure facility-scale lighting systems.

4 Lighting Control Solution by Cortet
(Courtesy Cortet)

Lighting Control Solution
Cortet by CEL

Perfect for commercial and other large-scale buildings, this wireless lighting management system allows for on-site and remote management. It is outfitted with responsive sensors and custom lighting for remote and off-site configuration.

2 myPORT by Schindler Elevator Corporation

2 myPORT by Schindler Elevator Corporation
(Courtesy Schindler Elevator Corporation)

Schindler Elevator Corporation

Monitor the ebbs and flows of traffic moving through a building with real-time information. The app also provides customized access for visitors to go through entry gates.

5 i-BRIGHT 20-10 by Tri Cascade, Inc.
(Courtesy Tri Cascade, Inc.)

i-BRIGHT 20-10
Tri Cascade, Inc.

Forget to unplug the iron? These outlets can remotely switch off. The accompanying app also monitors energy consumption. The outlets can be paired with BRIGHT Thermostats and BRIGHT Smart Dimmers.

3 Smart Home Water Monitor by StreamLabs
(Courtesy StreamLabs)

Smart Home Water Monitor

This water monitor detects usage and leaks in real time with ultrasonic technology. It is mounted right onto the main waterline (requiring no invasive pipe-cutting) and sends alerts to the app.

6 Omni by Awair
(Courtesy Awair)


Track the indoor temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals (VOCs), and dust levels with real-time data. This easy-to-use portal controls and monitors multiple HVAC devices.