Forecasting ceramic tile trends for 2019

Forecasting ceramic tile trends for 2019

(Courtesy the manufacturer)

Typical ceramic tile trends are shifting as manufacturers produce products with more daring designs. Advancements in ceramic tile technology have transformed the industry, from concept to creation, without compromising core function. Artisanal practices are meeting modern-day production allowing manufacturers the ability to exceed standards in performance while dabbling in stylistic experimentation.

According to Tile of Spain Consultant, Ryan Fasan, “in 2019 we’re anticipating architectural products that are ideal for high traffic areas, with the broadest range of aesthetics possible.”

Below highlights just a few of the leading ceramic tile trends for 2019:

Return to Geometry

Ceramic tile with geometric designs will play a major role in 2019. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, geometric shapes create attractive spaces and sophisticated environments while being sensitive to the nostalgia of the past eras.

Playing with Finish 

Gone are the days of single finish ceramic tiles. In 2019, we will see layers of finish from matte to gloss and even iridescence, enhancing the depth of floors and walls.

A Classic Bet

Terrazzo inspired ceramics will remain strong in 2019 but will be reinvented as manufacturers experiment with different colors, shapes, and sizes to suit every project.

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