2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Cultural

Beggars *can* be choosers

2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Cultural

2018 Best of Design Awards for Unbuilt – Cultural: Beggar’s Wharf Arts Complex

Designer: Ten to One
Rockland, Maine

The Beggar’s Wharf Arts Complex is at the heart of a redevelopment design vision commissioned by Rockland City Planning to revitalize the coastal Maine town’s brownfield waterfront district. Ten to One conceived of a mixed-use program that incorporates a museum, studios, educational facilities, live-work housing, commercial spaces, and a marina. At the core of the proposal, a main museum structure is set to seamlessly blend into the streetscape outside. This main building will be clad in a mushroom-shaped skin composed of cedar wood fins. A series of flexible galleries will unfurl upward through a public procession of theaters, terraces, cafes, and markets. The historic Bicknell Factory Building will be reclaimed as a continuation of the museum and house additional exhibition and event spaces.

Honorable Mention

Project name: NXTHVN
Deborah Berke Partners
Location: New Haven, Connecticut

2018 Best of Design Awards Honorable Mention for Unbuilt – Cultural: NXTHVN, Deborah Berke Partners (Courtesy Deborah Berke Partners)