2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Interior

Holding Pattern

2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Interior

2018 Best of Design Awards for Unbuilt – Interior: Children’s Institute

Designer: DSH // architecture
Long Beach, California

The design of the new, 20,000-square-foot Children’s Institute, a regional social services center, promotes intricacy and specificity. DSH // architecture designed the office space by avoiding a clichéd open-plan model; instead, the firm developed a concept that incorporates clustered team workspaces, smaller areas for focused meetings, gathering spaces located for chance encounters, and decompression zones for quiet meditation. The layout was based on an analysis of mobility patterns, team structures, and the differing needs of distinct clientele. As a new hub for this nonprofit organization, the work environment inspires the innovative thinking and creative solutions needed for its mission: genuine and effective interventions for some of society’s most intransigent problems.

Honorable Mention

Project name: Holdroom of the Future

Holdroom of the Future
2018 Best of Design Awards Honorable Mention for Unbuilt – Interior: Holdroom of the Future, Corgan (Courtesy Corgan)