A+D Museum brings a “disgusting food museum” and others shows to L.A.

A+D Team, Assemble!

A+D Museum brings a “disgusting food museum” and others shows to L.A.

The Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles in launching five exhibitions this weekend, including a disgusting food museum. (Courtesy A+D Museum)

The Architecture + Design Museum (A+D) in Los Angeles is continuing a recent tradition of simultaneous exhibition openings this weekend as it hosts the third Assembly extravaganza with the aim of ”join[ing] together a diverse group in celebration of different disciplines of design and points of view.”

Taking place Saturday evening, the opening celebration will usher in four new exhibitions at A+D, including a “disgusting food museum” as well as the premiere of the museum’s so-called “impermanent collection,” a rotating set of artworks and products created by exhibited artists that will be for sale.

Disgusting Food Museum

The museum will host the Disgusting Food Museum, an exhibition from Sweden that “explores of the concept of disgust through different culturally and individually informed reactions” and includes displays of delectable treats like mouse wine, Jello pudding, and other specialized foods.

Volume will showcase the work of emerging artists and designers from Leimert Park. (Courtesy A+D Museum)

Alley Fellowship

A+D recently undertook a partnership with architects Rios Clementi Hale Studios that is focused on supporting cross-disciplinary emerging artists through the Alley Fellowship. The first series is titled Volume, and features the work of young artists from the Leimert Park neighborhood—where RCH Studios’s new offices are located—who have been challenged to think three-dimensionally about their work.

PERSISTENT: Evolving Architecture in a Changing World

Presented in conjunction with the Open Building For Resilient Cities Conference, PERSISTENT: Evolving Architecture in a Changing World, focuses on the way in which “robust, sustainable, and resilient architecture can be obtained and studied with respect to time.” The exhibition is curated by Michelle Laboy, David Fannon, and Peter Wiederspahn with the support of the AIA Latrobe Prize and the Northeastern University, College of Arts, Media and Design.

Dark Mode presents sculptural home objects that come alive when they are turned off. (Courtesy A+D Museum)

Dark Mode

Artist and architect P810 will present an “eerie take on Dark Mode, which takes as its premise the visual digital standard of ‘dark mode’ becoming part of the home.” The design collection imagines new sculptural realities for typical objects of the home, according to a press release, including objects that come alive when they are switched off.

For more information on each exhibit please visit the A+D website.