Architecture holiday cards are here

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Architecture holiday cards are here

We are not big fans of holiday cards that feature new buildings by architects even if they are hidden behind photoshopped snow or holly. But we are making an exception for Studio Gang’s Chicago boathouse. Though we kinda like Steven Holl’s card with the architect in a saffron robe blowing a body size Tibetan horn.

Image of Steven Holl Architects' 2018 holiday card
Steven Holl Architects’ 2018 holiday card (Courtesy Steven Holl Architects)

Our favorites are an abstract silver pattern, inspired by the Chestnut trees of Malcantone, Ticino, printed on heavy brown paper stock from the Swiss Consulate, Rockwell Group’s four-page Happy Holiday from Irving Berlin and Santa in a red truck from Cummings Printing. Here are our best from 2018 including the image of the Viaduct over the Polcevera, Red Zone, Genoa, by Emanuele Piccardo.

Scan of Cummings Printing's 2018 holiday card
Cummings Printing’s 2018 holiday card (Courtesy Cummings Printing)