New, larger-than-ever tiles make virtually seamless walls and floors

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New, larger-than-ever tiles make virtually seamless walls and floors

New, larger than ever tiles make virtually seamless walls and floors. Picture: Cosentino's large tile format collection, Silestone Loft. (Courtesy Cosentino)

This year, almost every major producer is offering large-format tiles thanks to new manufacturing technologies. These new expansive sizes make it possible to create virtually seamless surfaces across the bathroom to the kitchen.

Photo of Slate Quartz Corian
(Courtesy Corian)

Slate Quartz

Corian’s new family of quartz surfaces is now offered in ten new colorways, including a vivid gray called Slate. The engineered countertops are made with real quartz crystals, making them naturally “rock hard” and scratch-resistant.

Rendering of a kitchen with XTONE Porcelanosa
(Courtesy Porcelanosa)


Though lightweight, XTONE is an incredibly strong large-format slab designed for countertops and tables. Made from sintered porcelain that is compacted and then fired, it is incredibly resistant to scratches and impacts, ice and frost, chemicals and stains.

Photo of a bathroom with Verdi Alpi Artistic Tile
(Courtesy Artistic Tile)

Verdi Alpi
Artistic Tile

These deep-green marble tiles are quarried in the Valle d’Aosta in northwestern Italy. Verdi Alpi is shipped as 12″ X 24″ X 3/8″ tiles, making it perfect for almost seamless floor and wall applications.

Photo of a Sofia Cuprum Neolith surface with paperclips on it
(Courtesy Neolith)

Sofia Cuprum

Inspired by Jean Nouvel’s extension to the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, Sofia Cuprum’s metallic luster mimics the underside of the metallic roof in the new extension. The metal-inspired shade in Neolith’s STEEL collection is made in a variety of thicknesses.

Rendering of a kitchen with Silestone Loft Cosentino
(Courtesy Cosentino)

Silestone Loft

The Silestone Loft features natural and human-made imperfections like those found in concrete and stone. With an intentionally unfinished gritty touch engineered from 90-percent quartz, Cosentino’s new collection is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.