Smart systems to manage the building from inside out


Smart systems to manage the building from inside out

SiXCOMBO from Honeywell Home (Courtesy Honeywell Home)

Managing a property can be difficult, but these new smart building systems work to prevent damage and allow you to take action as soon as a problem is detected. Addressing everything from plumbing to Wi-Fi to air quality, here are the newest solutions in residential and commercial applications.

Detail photo of Duette LightLock Shades Hunter Douglas
(Courtesy Hunter Douglas)

Duette LightLock Shades
Hunter Douglas

Can’t sleep without complete darkness? Hunter Douglas has a custom window treatment that lives up to its name. The honeycomb-shaped “Lightlock” shades feature overlapping front and back panels that block incoming light. The system can easily be lowered or lifted with the PowerView app and other voice-activated smart home systems.

Rendering of Phyn Plus Phyn module
(Courtesy Phyn)

Phyn Plus

Make your home or office watertight with Phyn Plus. The patented water monitoring system uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor any plumbing system 240 times per second. The app allows users to monitor water usage, shut off the water, and send leak alerts.

Onelink Connect Dual Band First Alert
(Courtesy First Alert)

Onelink Surround Wi-Fi
First Alert

Onelink Surround Wi-Fi provides full-speed internet connection around the house (even in “dark zones”) with the benefit of cyber security. The system is compatible with Onelink alarms, enabling connectivity between smart building systems and providing controls to monitor and react to emergency alerts via the app.

SiXCOMBO Honeywell Home
(Courtesy Honeywell Home)

Honeywell Home

In addition to detecting smoke and heat, Honeywell’s monitoring system detects carbon monoxide. The system uses infrared sensors to detect flames, while thermometers measure temperature. Using an encrypted two-way wireless platform, the system alerts all sensors across the home if a danger is detected with blinking lights and voice alerts announcing what action should be taken.

Radiant Furniture Power Center Legrand
(Courtesy Legrand)

Radiant Furniture Power Center

Providing electricity to both standard plugs and USB connections, Legrand’s power hub is a breeze to install in existing furniture and infrastructure. From a chair to a bookshelf, the power and charging solution fits easily on flat surfaces or can be mounted vertically to provide connectivity in convenient areas.