These glass facade products beautifully balance performance and aesthetics

The Working Glass

These glass facade products beautifully balance performance and aesthetics

UltraClear from Guardian Glass (Courtesy Guardian Glass)

New manufacturing methods produce high-performance curtain walls, glazing, and glass designed to provide optimal thermal performance without sacrificing nearly seamless views.

Photo of glass facade of Celine store
Jumbo Anti-Reflective Glass from AGNORA (Courtesy AGNORA)

Jumbo Anti-Reflective Glass

Aptly dubbed, AGNORA’s 236” x 126” monolithic glass panels are ideal for any application where excessive glare would otherwise be a problem. Each sheet is coated with anti-glare coating by Guardian Glass.

Detail photo of a glass corner
isopure from sedak (Courtesy sedak)


Thanks to new lamination manufacturing methods, isopure, a new system from sedak, yields nearly seamless large glass expanses. The safety glass adheres together with seemingly invisible butt joints that afford zero sightlines in large-scale, all-glass facades and roofs.

Photo of a glass office building
SOLARBAN 60 from Vitro Architectural Glass (Courtesy Vitro Architectural Glass)

Vitro Architectural Glass

Vitro Architectural Glass’s SOLARBAN 60 is designed to provide thermal comfort year-round and reduce heating and cooling costs. This is achieved by a clear coating that blocks 62 percent of solar light transmission while also allowing 70 percent of visible light to filter through the glass.

Rendering of an office interior with a panoramic glass window
Harmony from SageGlass (Courtesy SageGlass)


SageGlass designed a digital in-pane system that transitions the glass from tinted to completely clear. The system works to provide heat, daylight, and solar management with pixel-like lines that occupy the glass surface in various gradients depending on the time of day and other extraneous conditions.

Photo of glass building
AviProtek T from Walker Glass (Courtesy Walker Glass)

AviProtek T
Walker Glass

Walker Glass glazes Pilkington North America’s pyrolytic coated panels to create bird-safe glass with a fritting pattern that contrasts with the reflective surface. Effectively, the coated patterns deter birds from colliding with the facade while remaining hardly discernable to the human eye.

Photo of glass display windows at 900 North Michigan Avenue
UltraClear from Guardian Glass (Courtesy Guardian Glass)

Guardian Glass

This “ultra-clear” low-iron glass maximizes views with its reduced green tint, developed to deliver nearly untinted views. When combined with Guardian’s low-E coating, SunGuard, the system reduces solar gain.