New high-tech cladding panels last longer and are easier to install


New high-tech cladding panels last longer and are easier to install

Photo: Fiandre's engineered tile collection, Marmi Maximum Imperial White (Courtesy Fiandre)

New manufacturing methods have made cladding and paneling more structurally sound and less cumbersome to install. These systems are highly customizable and are made to last from season to season.

Photo of Apollo II CertainTeed roof tiles
(Courtesy CertainTeed)

Apollo II

These all-black shingles generate energy without the bulky infrastructure that typically accompanies solar panels. Simply installed directly on the roof, the environmentally conscious system can be employed on new and existing structures.

Photo of a building facade with Calacatta Maximum Fiandre tiles
(Courtesy Fiandre)

Marmi Maximum Imperial White

Fiandre’s engineered tiles emulate the bold veining that occurs in marble. Unlike the natural stone, these porcelain slabs are lightweight and resistant to stains and wear and tear.

Photo of GRP SIDING Technowood siding on a building
(Courtesy Technowood)


Made from fiberglass-reinforced polyester, this panel system is designed to withstand the weight of the most taxing structural applications. To fulfill the most decorative requirements, the siding is available in six natural wooden tones and seven varnished colors.

Photo of building with StoVentec Glass Sto Corp. panels
(Courtesy Sto Corp.)

StoVentec Glass
Sto Corp.

These glass-faced composite panels create a decorative reflective surface that provides thermal insulation. Made to order, each panel is offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and custom colors.

Photo of Vintago Swisspearl tile
(Courtesy Swisspearl)


These fiber cement panels highlight the sanding production process with surfaces characterized by an undulating coarse grit. It will be available to specify in June upon its release in the U.S.

Photo of building with Porcelain Open-Joint Cladding Solutions Porcelanosa Facades
(Courtesy Porcelanosa Facades)

Porcelain Open-Joint Cladding Solutions
Porcelanosa Facades

Porcelanosa’s facade system incorporates all the colors and textures from its interior porcelain surfaces (including wood, concrete, stone, technic, or metals) for the building envelope. The system prevents moisture build-up and heat transfer via a ventilated air cavity directly behind the panels.