Check out the best new building products and tools from the 2019 AIA Expo

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Check out the best new building products and tools from the 2019 AIA Expo

The floor of the 2019 AIA Expo (Courtesy The American Institute of Architects)

With over 750 exhibitors, the AIA Conference on Architecture is the premier event of the year to see the newest building products. We ventured to Las Vegas to speak to the building product manufacturers on the expo floor and discovered the latest materials and high-tech solutions. You’ll find highlights in openings, painting/coatings, software, acoustics, and more below. Enjoy!


Photo of Sun Tunnel Velux
(Courtesy Velux)
Photo of Sun Tunnel Velux installed in a kitchen
(Courtesy Velux)

Sun Tunnel

This unconventional daylighting solution brings natural light inside through a discreet aperture. The light tunnel provides diffused sunlight that runs all the way from the roof to the room below.

Section rendering of YWW 60 TU YKK AP
(Courtesy YKK AP)


Designed to fit floor-to-ceiling spans, this thermally broken window wall system is equipped with YKK’s patented Megatherm insulating gasketing system. It provides thermal performance for one-inch glazing (or ¼ inch infill using adaptors).


Rendering of Chinese Porcelain PPG paint splotch
(Courtesy PPG)

Chinese Porcelain

PPG named Chinese Porcelain—a deep, saturated, navy blue—the 2020 color of the year. The hue is said to promote relaxation and tranquility in “the anxiety of a fast-paced world.”

Photo of room with 2020 Colormix Forecast Sherwin Williams paint colors
(Courtesy Sherwin-Williams)

2020 Colormix Forecast

Paint purveyor Sherwin-Williams debuted 5 palettes of 45 colors to promote the ongoing trend of wellness. Combinations of neutral, nature-inspired hues are designed to foster healthy building environments via the beauty of color.

Software/Digital Platforms

Photo of tablet with Unity Reflect Unity Technologies used on screen
(Courtesy Unity Technologies)

Unity Reflect
Unity Technologies

At last! No more waiting for files to transfer from Revit. The new platform automatically syncs projects in real time in Autodesk across all platforms—from desktop, to mobile, to VR, and AR. It will be available in fall 2019.

Screenshot of Architects/Engineers module IngeniousIO
(Courtesy IngeniousIO)


This cloud-based construction administration management platform is designed to help architects and engineers collaborate. The visually-driven design clearly illustrates process, progress, goals, and landmarks while simultaneously allowing for real-time feedback.  


Photo of large room with LightFrame Decoustics
(Courtesy Decoustics)


Utilizing back-lit LED lights, these acoustic fabric panels emit light while simultaneously absorbing noise. A UV coating is applied to the stretched fabric to prevent color fading and ensure optimal lighting.

Photo of room with MetalWorks Torsion Spring Shapes Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions ceiling panels
(Courtesy Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions)

MetalWorks Torsion Spring Shapes
Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions

These geometric tiles create custom ceilings that absorb sound. The modular design allows for a range of applications to control noise in open areas and small spaces. It is available in 2D- or 3D-patterned panels, non-perforated or perforated, in a full spectrum of custom colors.