Inaba Williams right-sizes a Williamsburg apartment

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Inaba Williams right-sizes a Williamsburg apartment

A newly-created entertainment area is filled with a mix of new and old elements brought together by interior designer Nest Decor that include a sectional sofa from Blu Dot, a black leather Mies van der Rohe–designed lounge chair from Restoration Hardware, and an overhead pendant light designed by Johnson Art Studio. (Naho Kubota)

“Sometimes what’s available on the market doesn’t meet the desires of the people who want to purchase,” architect Jeffrey Inaba explains as he describes the impetus behind an Inaba Williams–designed project in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the firm set about reducing the number of bedrooms in what was once a two-bedroom unit.

The project, Inaba continued, represents a rare example of “lowering a home’s market value to increase its enjoyment value,” and came partially out of a desire to fix some of the bad architecture resulting from the spreadsheet-driven design of the 15-year-old developer tower where the apartment is located.

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