The newest sun shading and screening solutions to minimize solar heat gain

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The newest sun shading and screening solutions to minimize solar heat gain

Sculpted 3D is a collection custom three-dimen- sional metal screens a by Metalwërks (Courtesy Metalwërks)

These new screening and sun shading solutions decrease solar gain and add a little panache to any building envelope.

Sculpted 3D Metalwërks
(Courtesy Metalwërks)

Sculpted 3D

Articulate dynamic facades with these custom three-dimensional metal screens. Available in three interchangeable wall panel shapes, the modular system is designed to be easily integrated with LED lighting and to incorporate planters and irrigation for growing vegetation.

(Courtesy HAVER & BOECKER)


Provide sun protection with this panel system that is ideal for facade, ceiling, or wall applications. The stainless steel architectural mesh filters sunlight through a crimped pattern and provides ample views out through its semitransparent geometry.

Fabricoil Cascade Architectural
(Courtesy Cascade Architectural)

Cascade Architectural

This metal fabric system is ideal to manage solar gain. The screens can be installed around a building envelope to control the amount of sun filtering in and, at the same time, provide unobstructed views through the semitransparent coiled fabric.

Living Walls Eco Brooklyn
(Courtesy Eco Brooklyn)

Living Walls
Eco Brooklyn

Plant custom living walls on building envelopes to filter air and cultivate biodiversity. These vertical gardens can support any number of flora with WaterGrip growing media, including fruits and vegetables (weather and climate permitting).

Architectural metal systems BŌK Modern
(Courtesy BŌK Modern)

Architectural Metal Systems
BŌK Modern

BŌK Modern’s metal panel systems are CNC-cut to fit each site-specific application. The decorative cutouts are particularly pleasing when patterned shadows are cast from the sunshades on to the surrounding environs.

SMARTIA PG120F Fixed Pergola System ALUMIL
(Courtesy ALUMIL)

SMARTIA PG120F Fixed Pergola System

Regulate brightness and airflow in outdoor spaces with Alumil’s fully automated pergola. Rotating louvers adjust electronically to protect against rain, wind, and other undesirable weather. The structure is available with a number of custom features, including sliding glass panels, vertical shutters, heating devices, and integrated lighting.