New, larger than ever monolithic glass panels

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New, larger than ever monolithic glass panels

Picture: AMÉRICAS 1500 by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos in Guadalajara, Mexico is swathed in Cristacurva's Oversize Glass panels. (Rafael Gamo)

Using new manufacturing methods, these fabricators produce the biggest glass panels equipped with pioneering structural support systems.

Jumbo Glass — Annealed Laminated Glasswerks
(Courtesy Glasswerks)

Jumbo Glass—Annealed Laminated

Made in sizes up to 300 inches wide and 130 inches tall, these behemoth glass sheets are manufactured in Glasswerks’ special Jumbo Glass factory in South Gate, California. The sheets are available in an array of substrates, thicknesses, and interlayers with low-iron glass, low-e glass, and clear glass.

Jumbo Anti-Reflective Glass AGNORA
(Courtesy AGNORA)

Jumbo Anti-Reflective Glass

AGNORA’s 236-by-126-inch monolithic glass panels are ideal for any application where excessive glare would otherwise be a problem. Each sheet is treated with an anti-glare coating by Guardian Glass.

Oversize Glass Cristacurva
(Courtesy Cristacurva)

Oversize Glass

Custom made for each project, these large pieces can be used to create the most expansive roofs, facades, and windows. Cristacurva offers large format glazing as tempered glass, laminated glass, and in insulated glass units.

BIG Glass Viracon
(Courtesy Viracon)

BIG Glass

Viracon’s BIG Glass panels come in sizes up to 130 inches wide and 236 inches tall. The large-format glass sheets are offered in various styles including laminated, insulating, triple insulating, insulating laminated, laminated insulating, double laminated insulating, and monolithic.