New enhanced glass brings increased security and thermal performance

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New enhanced glass brings increased security and thermal performance

Pelli Clarke Pelli's design for a snaking business complex for Tulane University incorporates a unitized, hurricane-resistant YKK AP YUW 750 XT curtain wall. (JT Blatty)

Bolstered by innovative fabrication methods and outfitted with new performance-enhancing features, these new glazing solutions provide both energy efficiency and security.

(Courtesy Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope)

MS-375TC / WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

This door is designed to meet the most stringent energy codes by combining thermal breaking technologies in the frame with a passive low-e solar coating on the glass. Multiple configurations are possible, including single, paired, and in groups.

(Courtesy Safti First)

SuperClear 45-HS-LI
Safti First

This fire-protective glazing solution can withstand flames for up to 45 minutes. Free from tints, laminates, films, or wires, the panel maintains optimal clarity. Depending on where SuperClear 45-HS-LI is installed, it provides approximately 90 percent visible light transmission. It is offered in door, window, and transom applications.

(Courtesy Pulp Studio)

Pulp Studio

At just .05 inches thick, DermaGlass is thinner, yet more durable, than standard heat-treated glass. It is chemically strengthened by an ion exchange process that toughens the surface of the glass through compression. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorative applications.

(Courtesy YKK AP)


Designed to fit floor-to-ceiling spans, this thermally broken window-wall system is equipped with YKK’s patented MegaTherm insulating gasketing system. It provides thermal performance for 1-inch glazing (or 1⁄4-inch infill using adapters).