HotelTonight recruits Sight Unseen to curate a series of capsule design residencies

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HotelTonight recruits Sight Unseen to curate a series of capsule design residencies

Brooklyn-based Chen Chen in Portland. (Courtesy HotelTonight)

It’s no secret that a change of scenery can do wonders when it comes to alleviating a creative block. Throughout history, some of the most renowned artists, musicians, and writers have sought refuge by fleeing the monotony of their regular lives. While the obvious trope has long been to escape the environmental and social pressures of the big city and to set up shop in remote locales, many have found solace in less likely places: a subway car at rush hour or even one’s own shower.

Often all that’s really necessary is the ability to pull one’s self out of daily habits and yet, the power of travel—getting away—continues to be an effective means of attaining perspective and literal distance.

Tapping into the potential of this quality, HotelTonight has developed clever creative initiates that make use of its main commodity: hotel rooms. This summer, the reservations app giant—recently acquired by Airbnb—teamed with celebrated design publication and incubator Sight Unseen to envision a new type of capsule residency program. Three cutting-edge New York talents were sent to three diverse U.S. cities and given a hotel room for three nights.

Charged with the task of producing a bespoke object that would reflect the locale, the designers transformed their respective HotelTonight suites into temporary studios. They could only use tools and materials brought in a carry-on or found in situ. One went out looking for material culture artifacts while another went deep into the nearby forests of their allocated city to source natural matter endemic to the area.

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