Liquid flashing for coverage in those hard to reach areas

Thermal Layering

Liquid flashing for coverage in those hard to reach areas

Liquid flashing for coverage in those hard to reach areas. Picture: Icynene X-Wall System continuous spray application foam is applied directly to the exterior skin. (Courtesy Icynene-Lapolla)

For those occasional sealing needs, such as repairs to oddly shaped pipe penetrations or irregular window openings, fluid flashing provides the best air- and water-tight coverage that can be easily applied—in a flash.

Air-Bloc All Weather STPE Henry
(Courtesy Henry)

Air-Bloc All Weather STPE

Made with silyl terminated polyether (STPE), this fluid-applied air barrier system features a high solids content and cures in a jiffy. Meanwhile, its hydrophobic qualities mean it can be applied in the rain or snow without washing away, and in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

SmartFlash ONE CertainTeed
(Courtesy CertainTeed)

SmartFlash ONE

This liquid applied protective flashing and repair resin provides seamless protection for steep or low-sloped roofs. Easy to apply in one step on-site, it is a cost-effective, time-saving solution for new applications or improvements. When patching asphalt skin and shingles, granules can be added to match the existing texture.

(Courtesy Huber Engineered Woods)

ZIP System Liquid Flash
Huber Engineered Woods

Featuring a chemical makeup of urethanes and silicones, this wet flashing solution bonds to masonry, PVC, glass, wood, concrete, and other building materials. When applied with a trowel or brush, the moisture- and UV-resistant membrane takes as little as 20 to 40 minutes to dry, rain or shine.

Icynene X-Wall System Icynene-Lapolla
(Courtesy Icynene-Lapolla)

Icynene X-Wall System

This continuous spray-on insulation is applied directly to the exterior skin, delivering thermal insulation, a tightly sealed air and water membrane, and Class II vapor retardation, all in one solution. The closed-cell foam is ideal for sealing irregular surfaces, cracks, studs, and seams.