Nearmap is breaking new ground for architects with 3D views from the air

Nearmap is breaking new ground for architects with 3D views from the air

(Courtesy Nearmap)
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Nearmap is now offering 3D aerial maps for 100,000 square miles in the U.S., covering 75 metropolitan areas. The subscription service has already captured 333,000 square miles of orthographic imagery, covering 71 percent of the total population. Architects can use the lifelike, 3D, HD-quality aerial visuals and models to measure distances, building slopes, footprints and height to look at all details of a property as they plan and design buildings without setting foot on site.

With Nearmap, architects can:

  • Inspect all aspects of a site including vegetation, presence of water, entry and exit points, and elevation changes.
  • Measure with precision showing pitch, relative height, and distance.
  • Select a custom area to export imagery and deliver files to the survey and design teams.
  • Use Nearmap within familiar platforms like Autodesk, Esri and Bentley Systems without having to perform complex transformations.
  • View high-resolution photos of properties. Nearmap’s imagery is clearer and updated more frequently than other systems.

One final bonus is that architects can now compare historical images against current ones so they can evaluate growth and changes in an area and compare different seasons of the year. These views from above are making it possible for architects to keep up with fast-growing, rapidly changing areas.