Studio Robert McKinley tailors a European-inspired market in Houston

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Studio Robert McKinley tailors a European-inspired market in Houston

Crisp plaster walls, oiled oak, and terrazzo contribute to the refined palette of the interior. (Julie Soefer)

Following the success of their contemporary honky-tonk, Goodnight Hospitality has taken a break from nightlife in favor of daytime fare. Montrose Cheese & Wine, one of their newest concepts located in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood, is tucked behind a crisp-white brick facade accented with tailored viridian moldings. The intimate 800-square-foot cafe and store provides “a local, independent and high-quality source for retail cheese, wine, and pastry needs,” said Goodnight’s David Fleck.

Designed by New York-based Studio Robert McKinley and inspired by the vendors, or salumeria, found throughout Europe, the new space contains far more than its moniker implies all while retaining the charm of this old world reference. A curving oiled oak and marble display case sits atop the terrazzo floor and houses a rotating selection of pastries and cheeses courtesy of cheesemonger Shannon McCracken. A sleek metal shelf, suspended on delicate arms behind the counter, presents additional pantry must-haves and further emphasizes the space’s market inspiration.

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