Air out the stuffiest interior climate zones with these ventilating fans

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Air out the stuffiest interior climate zones with these ventilating fans

Air out the stuffiest interior climates with these ventilating fans. Picture: The new IoT integrated residential I6 fan by Big Ass Fans. (Courtesy Big Ass Fans)

These fans circulate sizable swathes of air but are quieter than a whisper.

AIR ST Boffi
(Courtesy Boffi)


Italian designer Giulio Gianturco teamed up with the kitchen manufacturer Boffi on its collection of ventilation products to create a wooden ceiling fan that comes in wooden, white, and black finishes. The blades spin at five different speeds and are controlled by a radio remote.

Blow Luceplan
(Courtesy Luceplan)


Turin, Italy–based designer Ferdi Giardini collaborated with lighting design studio Luceplan on an overhead fan he characterizes as the “rainbow thief.” In one finish option, transparent blades “reveal the colors of the rainbow,” while in another, colored blades blur and blend, “canceling the color.”

i6 Big Ass Fans
(Courtesy Big Ass Fans)

Big Ass Fans

Featuring aircraft-grade aluminum blades, this “big ass” fan brings industrial-quality airflow to intimate-size spaces. The SenseME technology allows users to connect through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to set custom schedules, monitor temperature sensors, and use other features that help to conserve energy and minimize heating and cooling costs. It is offered in 60-inch, 72-inch, and 84-inch wingspans in custom colorways.

NORDIKEVOLUTIONR140/56" Blow Vortice
(Courtesy Vortice)


Milan-based ventilation purveyor, Vortice, designed this ceiling fan to maximize airflow with just three 56-inch galvanized steel blades. It is available with a light and remote control.

V-Series Patterson Fan Company
(Courtesy Patterson Fan Company)

Patterson Fan Company

Featuring angled V-shaped blades, V-Series gearless ceiling fans move volumes of air either forward or in reverse at speeds ranging from leisurely to brisk. Various sizes—8-feet, 12-feet, 16-feet, 20-feet, and 24-feet—fit applications from warehouses to aviation to fitness to agriculture.

Axiom Fan Axiom Fans
(Courtesy Axiom Fans)

Axiom Fan
Axiom Fans

The Axiom Fan serves areas upward of 5,000 square feet by virtue of its monolithic curved blades. Perfect for indoor and covered outdoor areas, it is offered in three sizes and eleven colors and textures.