The latest trends in ceramic tile from Cersaie

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The latest trends in ceramic tile from Cersaie

The latest trends in ceramic tile from Cersaie. Picture: 41zero42's collection of holographic tiles. (Courtesy 41zero42)

From September 23 to 27, more than 100,000 people visited the home of Italian ceramics in Bologna, Italy, to see the world’s premier tile show, Cersaie. The international exhibition featured nearly 900 exhibitors showcasing ceramic tile and bathroom fittings from 40 countries. From timeless stylistic motifs like terrazzo to new-fangled digitally printed ceramic slabs, to overarching themes like wellness, we present the latest trends in tile and bathrooms. 

Digital Printing

Using a new digital printing technique that does not require high-temperature firing, digital slabs feature colorful custom designs. Fired after decoration, the ceramic surfaces are stain-resistant and highly durable. 

Wide & Style ABK
(Courtesy ABK)

Wide & Style

Flora and Fauna 

Flower and plant motifs bring sensory experiences to engage both sight and touch. These new tiles were aptly inspired by nature. 

i filati di rex Florim
(Courtesy Florim)

i filati di rex


Aggregate flakes of marble, stone, or other materials are the defining characteristic of terrazzo. New collections offer a variety of colors and sizes to create unique applications. 

Medley Ergon Engineered Stone
(Courtesy Ergon Engineered Stone)

Ergon Engineered Stone


Iridescent glazes allow light and shadow to refract from new holographic finishes. This playful treatment allows the color of the glossy tile to change given the light.  

Spectre 41zero42
(Courtesy 41zero42)



New ceramic wall tiles adorned with 3D relief patterns add texture to otherwise flat vertical surfaces, bring color, dimension, and a little pizazz. 

Veneto Porcelanosa
(Courtesy Porcelanosa)



Engineered marble, or otherwise put, ultra compact surfacing made to look like the metamorphic rock, is more cost-effective and unarguably more durable, but, perhaps, also more beautiful than natural stone. These new surfaces articulate the natural veining in marble in a hyper-realistic depiction that can only be made through manufacturing. 

Dekton Stonika - Olimpo Cosentino
(Courtesy Cosentino)

Dekton Stonika – Olimpo


Beyond spa-like touches of wood and atmospheric lighting, bathroom design has taken health to new extremes. Manufacturers like Scavolini have “optimized” the bathroom experience by combining bath fittings with wall-mounted gym equipment. 

Gym Space Scavolini
(Courtesy Scavolini)

Gym Space


Engineered wood is by no means new, but manufacturers are taking a step beyond emulating the mere appearance of the material. New motifs mimic how the material is used in artful compositions of parquetry and marquetry.

Intarsi Ceramica Sant’Agostino
(Courtesy Ceramica Sant’Agostino)

Ceramica Sant’Agostino