Easily access product certification data with UL Product iQ™

Easily access product certification data with UL Product iQ™

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For many years UL Product Spec® has been the source for product certification data with the Architect and design community. As technology advances and people increasingly expect easy-to-use platforms that provide optimal on-the-go functionality, UL has worked to modernize its certification platform so today’s professionals can quickly access the trusted data they need.

Product Spec is officially retiring on November 15, 2019 and will be replaced by Product iQ.

Product iQ offers architects the same trusted UL certification data and letters of compliance with the added benefits of a modern, user-friendly web platform.

Trusted UL Data

  • Access the same trusted UL certification data.

Superior Usability

  • Experience a clean, mobile-friendly interface with superior usability.

Advanced Search

  • Pinpoint the exact content you need with advanced search features.

Personalized Account

  • Personalize your account with a custom dashboard, saved searches and tagging features.

Letters of Compliance

  • Get confirmation letters of UL compliance with one click.

To experience no interruption in sourcing product certification data, register now for your free Product iQ account.

For those who use embedded links and bookmarks to Product Spec—these links will automatically be redirected to Product iQ.