Power up the outdoors with these supercharged lighting systems

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Power up the outdoors with these supercharged lighting systems

Power up the outdoors with these super-charged lighting systems. Picture: nea studio's 3D-printed Latitude Light. (Courtesy nea studio)

Create efficiently connected outdoor lighting schemes with these powerful LED systems.

Limelight by Lutron Lutron
(Courtesy Lutron)

Limelight by Lutron

Michigan-based TwistHDM teamed up with lighting controls expert Lutron on a robust wireless lighting control solution for parking lots and garages. Limelight by Lutron directly connects to Lutron’s in-house control system, Enterprise Vue, efficiently managing an entire building’s lighting from a single platform.

Solar Charging Kit Legrand
(Courtesy Legrand)

Solar Charging Kit

Delivering permanent power outside, this solar-powered charging device provides round-the-clock electricity for mobile devices. Each kit requires no hardwiring or regular maintenance and includes a battery, covered USB ports, and three illuminated charging shelves.

Bump Solar Lantern Les Jardins Solar Lighting
(Courtesy Les Jardins Solar Lighting)

Bump Solar Lantern
Les Jardins Solar Lighting

These playful lanterns feature the same lightweight plastic shell used in the manufacture of kayaks, encased in an aluminum frame. Available with either a bright red or gray handle, the solar-powered fixture is perfect for outdoor adventuring.

Latitude Light nea studio
(Courtesy nea studio)

Latitude Light
nea studio

The solar-powered Latitude Light is 3D-printed from an easily updated digital file. The lamp can be designed in slightly different shapes to optimize its ability to charge its photovoltaic panel at different latitudes in relation to the sun. After basking in at least eight hours of sunlight, the PV-paneled fixtures automatically light up at dusk.