2019 Best of Design Awards winners for Interior — Residential

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2019 Best of Design Awards winners for Interior — Residential

2019 Best of Design Award for Interior— Residential: Michigan Loft
Designer: Vladimir Radutny Architects
Location: Chicago

Inside a century-old structure built for automotive assembly and display, Vladimir Radutny Architects renovated a residence that was functioning poorly as a domestic space. In resolving the spatial problems inside this impressive shell, the firm crafted a living environment that evokes mental wellness and inspiration. Entry is through a low, wood-clad transition zone, mediating the overwhelming impact of the large industrial space. Scaled architectural components, material restraint, and theatrical lighting humanize the overall experience, while openness and clarity are maintained. As one moves between levels, a variety of unexpected vantage points and views are revealed. These meandering spaces are three-dimensionally distributed and assembled into a cohesive living space inside a raw industrial cloak.

General Contractor: Artistic Construction
Structural Engineer: Triumph Engineering
Millwork: Navillus Woodworks
Lighting: Flos Aim
Appliances: Thermador

Honorable Mentions

Project Name: Gallatin House
Designer: Workstead

kitchen with large wooden island and shadows
Interior — Residential: Honorable Mention: Gallatin House (Matthew Williams)

Project Name: Inaba Williamsburg Penthouse
Designer: Inaba Williams

apartment interior with floor-ceiling window overlooking city
Interior — Residential: Honorable Mention: Inaba Williamsburg Penthouse (Naho Kubota)

Editors’ Picks

Project Name: Watermark House
Designer: Barker Associates Architecture Office

Project Name: Lakeview Penthouse
Designer: Wheeler Kearns Architects