Luxury purveyor TRNK opens its own Soho loft

Treasured Alcoves

Luxury purveyor TRNK opens its own Soho loft

Pieces from TRNK's collections are strategically blended into the loft space. (Courtesy TRNK)

Renowned lifestyle brand TRNK has opened its first brick and mortar space, a distinguished 1300-square-foot loft, smack dab in the center of New York City’s storied SoHo neighborhood.

With the historic Judd Foundation next-door, this intimate live-in showroom features an enfilade of richly-textured yet sober living environments. Dramatically light-cast alcove-displays can be found toward the rear.

Pieces from the in-house-produced TRNK Collection are complemented by a rotating selection from the company’s more than 25 international partners. Antique African masks join postmodern re-editions—Menu’s Afternoon Chair—all while sitting on carefully hued, geometrically-cut Mohair carpets. Palatial 13 foot-high drapery adorns two cast-iron, lintel-crowned windows, a striking backdrop for deco-inspired luminaires by Coil + Drift.

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