Provide safe and secure entry with these smart locks

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Provide safe and secure entry with these smart locks

Picture: August's Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge provides remote access via the smart phone app. (Courtesy August)

Do you struggle to remember if the door is locked? Are the keys are completely lost? With features like remote entry access, app-controlled unlock/lock, and security sensors, these smart locks provide clever safety features.

A touchpad and deadbolt electronic lock
(Courtesy Yale)

Yale Pro SL

You can’t pick this lock! The deadbolt lock opens and closes by entering a pre-set combination on the number touchscreen and remote access is also available via the Z-Waze app. Meanwhile, if the batteries die, a 9V battery can be used to temporarily charge the keypad.

Minneapolis Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt Baldwin
(Courtesy Baldwin)

Minneapolis Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt

Baldwin’s touchscreen deadbolt provides truly keyless entry. For added safety, it automatically locks 30 seconds after unlocking the deadbolt. It also pairs with various grips handles also within the collection.

August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge
(Courtesy August)

Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

With August’s app, doors equipped with this lock can be locked and unlocked from anywhere. With security in mind, it is outfitted with DoorSense, a sensor technology that monitors whenever the door is opened or closed. The lock is Bluetooth-enabled via a separate WiFi bridge that provides app-enabled voice automation and remote access.

A touchpad and deadbolt electronic lock
(Courtesy Kwikset)


Aptly named, Obsidian features a bold black touchpad. It is outfitted with a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to prevent unwanted entry. The lock is available in two versions: Non-Connected, for keyless entry; or Home Connect, for automation platforms such as Alexa or Google Home.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt
(Courtesy Schlage)

Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Rigged out with built-in WiFi and four AA batteries, this smart lock is easily installed without the need for wired power or connected platform systems. It records each time it is locked/unlocked. Meanwhile, the newest feature provides a live view of the door and grants remote access via the Schlage Home app.

Lockly Secure Plus
(Courtesy Lockly)

Secure Pro

Secure Pro unlocks and locks via the keypad in two ways: through a pin code touchscreen and a 3D fingerprint sensor. Unlike many other smart locks, the lock features its own secure WiFi hub (so there’s no need to purchase an additional hub). There’s also an offline access code that provides access if WiFi is not available.