Design futuristic kitchens with the latest appliances

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Design futuristic kitchens with the latest appliances

Design a futuristic kitchen with the latest appliances. Picture: Heatwork's DUO Carafe heats and cools water instantly from two distantly colored spouts: red pours hot; and blue pours cold. (Courtesy Heatworks)

From a wireless charging surface to a touchless faucet, these devices feature technologies that make cooking and entertaining easy.

ntentek Wireless Charging Surface Formica
(Courtesy Formica)

Intentek Wireless Charging Surface

Forget the phone charger—Formica has installed wireless charging technology directly within a laminate surface. Integrated coils wirelessly charge Qi-certified devices placed on top. Durable and easy to clean, the surface is offered in a range of colors and textures.


This voice-activated kitchen faucet is truly hands-free. Commands include turning the water on and off, dispensing measured amounts of water, and touchless motion-based interactions. Users can track water usage and detect leaks via the KOHLER Konnect app.

Dual Fuel Range, 48 inches, 4 Burners, 4 Zones Fisher & Paykel
(Courtesy Fisher & Paykel)

Dual Fuel Range, 48 inches, 4 Burners, 4 Zones
Fisher & Paykel

Featuring dual cooking areas—four gas burners and four induction zones—this integrated range is equipped with a high-resolution touch screen interface. Besides controlling obvious functions like the precise temperature of the oven, the platform gives users access to recipes and information about ideal settings for different kinds of cooking.

(Courtesy Gaggenau)

400 series wine storage

This wine climate cabinet features a TFT touch display that controls three different temperature zones. The units come with glass-framed or stainless steel doors in 18- and 24-inch widths to hide or display up to 99 bottles.

DUO Carafe Heatworks
(Courtesy Heatworks)

DUO Carafe

With two spouts—one red, one blue—this carafe instantly heats and cools water to a temperature within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the set point. Powered by batteries wirelessly charged on the magnetic port, the heating and cooling elements are not compromised by exposure to water and air and don’t leave a strange taste in the filtered water.

GENNY Watergen USA
(Courtesy Watergen USA)

Watergen USA

This standing water filter actually extracts water from the air—up to 8 gallons per day. Originally designed for communities without access to clean water, the technology requires only an electric power source to deliver a renewable supply of H20.