Snøhetta selected to lead Wikipedia rebrand

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Snøhetta selected to lead Wikipedia rebrand

Snøhetta will be working with the Wikimedia Foundation over the next year to create a new visual and brand identity. (Courtesy Snøhetta)

Snøhetta has been selected by the Wikimedia Foundation for its rebrand. The Foundation, which operates the 19-year-old Wikipedia is looking to update its visual identity, as well as focus their public persona less on the foundation and more on their principal project.

In a press release, Snøhetta describes the joint initiative as the “cutting-edge of collaboration in design” and wrote that the firm and the Wikimedia Foundation “will explore how strategic branding and digital design can generate engagement and promote knowledge sharing across cultures and geographies.”

A website the two groups have put together claims, in further consultant-speak, that “Snøhetta will meet the Wikimedia brand network in person and online to gather insight and generate concepts that Snøhetta will use as a foundation for design development.” The website will host drafts of new designs as well as suggestions for public comment and contribution, in the Wiki spirit.

People leaned over a table drawing
The Wikimedia Foundation and Snøhetta have been leading a collaborative design process, with changes and proposals being tracked on a Wikipedia page. (Courtesy Snøhetta)

The Wikimedia Foundation will also be considering new naming conventions for their many interrelated projects, working to center the better-known Wikipedia in order to simplify public communications.

A representative for Snøhetta said that while the details are yet to have been hashed out, the firm hopes to “create a brand identity system that supports Wikimedia’s international commitment to ‘setting knowledge free.’” They went on to say that “The goal is to design a new visual identity system that represents Wikipedia and the Wikimedia mission as part of the essential infrastructure of free knowledge in the digital age.”

The hope is to release the new “brand system” in the second half of 2020. There is, of course, a Wikipedia page with all the details