These residential insulating layers block out moisture while providing air circulation

Keep it (weather) tight

These residential insulating layers block out moisture while providing air circulation

An insulating barrier system by Dörken Systems designed for open-joint cladding, DELTA-FASSADE SA. (Courtesy Dörken Systems)

These insulating layers keep the rain out without compromising air circulation. Made specifically for residential construction, the following barriers provide the best coverage for home-size projects.

C3 Engineered Wall System MgO Systems
(Courtesy MgO Systems)

C3 Engineered Wall System
MgO Systems

Combining fireboard with structurally insulated panels, this barrier solution provides thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition to being resilient to fires, the prefabricated system reduces installation time and construction waste.

(Courtesy LP Building Solutions)

LP WeatherLogic Water Screen
LP Building Solutions

The latest update to LP’s weather membrane includes a synthetic polymer-based screen that maximizes ventilation and increases drainage. The lightweight system is designed to pair well with LP’s other residential construction products, such as siding and trim.

Effisus Breather FR System Effisus
(Courtesy Effisus)

Effisus Breather FR System

This weatherproofing system envelops structures in a water- and wind-tight membrane. The integrated solution is ideal for various residential applications including curtain walls, rain screen cladding, and projects requiring maximum fire resistance.

HP+ Wall System BASF
(Courtesy BASF)

HP+ Wall System

This wall system brings together two technologies: Walltite, a high-performance air and water barrier, and Neopor, a graphite-strengthened rigid thermal foam insulation. Available in multiple assembly configurations for different climates, it is designed to be combined with BASF’s construction products.

CertaWrap CertainTeed
(Courtesy CertainTeed)


Add a layer of protection to block out moisture and provide ventilation with CertaWrap’s Premium Weather Resistant Barrier or Standard Housewrap. Both applications come in a variety of roll sizes and widths to accommodate a range of residential types.

(Courtesy Dörken Systems)

Dörken Systems

Designed specifically for insulating projects with an open-joint cladding system, this weather and air barrier is highly resistant to UV exposure. The membrane is fashioned in a three-layer polypropylene substrate complete with a UV-resistant acrylic coating.