Light up work areas with the latest in modular lighting


Light up work areas with the latest in modular lighting

Photo: Artemide's modular Series Y lighting system is easily configurable. (Courtesy Artemide)

Designed for multipurpose use in flexible office spaces, these lighting fixtures adapt for different uses. They can curve, bend, and move along track systems to amplify or reduce illumination.

modular lighting on a track moving on a ceiling
(Courtesy SONNEMAN)

Purolinear 360

This aptly named linear tube lighting fixture rotates 360 degrees to provide indirect and direct light. As a system, it can be arranged in a variety of configurations—in a grouping of askew lines or along a single path with adjacent units.

modular lighting on a track moving on a ceiling
(Courtesy FLOS Architectural)

FLOS Architectural

Italian architect Piero Lissoni designed a linear lighting system that is mountable on walls and ceilings. With eight profiles that can be rotated 360 degrees, Diversion can be used to create architectural compositions with integrated up- and downlighting.

Modular segmented pendant lights
(Courtesy Modular Lighting Instruments)

Modular Lighting Instruments

Pista supplies light in all directions via a magnetic rail system. Available in 39, 78, and 118 lengths, it can be paired with Modular Lighting Instruments’ linear LED, Night Light LED, and various suspended spotlight and suspension fixtures—in surface-mounted or recessed configurations.

(Courtesy Artemide)

Series Y

Artemide teamed up with Gensler on a modular office lighting collection for collaborative workplaces. Via a patented joint and cable suspension system, Series Y allows for modules of light to be tilted vertically and rotated horizontally in up to four possible configurations. 

(Courtesy OLEDWorks)

LumiCurve Wave

This panel light fixture arcs like a piece of paper. Made with Corning Willow Glass, the panel, which is less than 1/32 thick, can curve to a minimum radius of just under four inches.