Foster healthier living with these residential products

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Foster healthier living with these residential products

Picture: Bosch's 800 Series industrial-style ranges and rangetops promote cleanliness in the kitchen. (Courtesy Bosh)

Earlier this year at the International Builders’ Show, the Kitchen and Bathroom Show, and CES, manufacturers debuted new building products to promote good health in the home. From providing more natural light to preparing nutritious meals to easy cleaning, these new releases cultivate salubrious living.

Marvin Awaken Skylight
(Courtesy Marvin)

Awaken Skylight

Let the sunshine in with Marvin’s automated and customizable skylight. Awaken Skylight offers more than a view. It connects to smart home platforms to automate features like extended daylight (with LEDs that mimic sunshine long after sunset) and sensors for optimal ventilation.

Kohler Aquifer®Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system
(Courtesy Kohler)


Kohler’s reverse osmosis water filtration features a four-stage system that reduces containments. Including toxins like arsenic, lead, mercury, bacteria, viruses,  and pharmaceuticals, Aquifer decreases over 95% of perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate.  It filters up to 27.5 gallons of water per day and contains a 3-gallon storage tank.

(Courtesy Gaggenau)

400 series Combi-steam oven

Gaggenau’s 400 series combi-steam ovens combine steam and convention to cook healthy (not deep-fried) dishes. Reintroduced this year, new features include a full surface grill, a temperature probe, and smart connectivity—it also has a platform that can modify or record programable dishes.

Broan SurfaceShield
(Courtesy Broan)

Vital Vio

SurfaceSheild pairs a Broan-NuTone’s powerful exhaust fan with Vital Vio’s antibacterial LED to promote circulation and protection against bacteria, years, and fungi.


Family Hub Samsung
(Courtesy Samsung)

Family Hub

Home Hub digitally connects families with food. Featuring functions like meal planning, a digital bulletin board, and the ability to what’s inside 24/7, this refrigerator provides seamless integration between devices and appliances.

800 Series industrial-style ranges and rangetops
(Courtesy Bosch)

800 Series industrial-style ranges

The 800 Series industrial-style ranges feature a black enamel porcelain finish for easy wipe downs. Meanwhile, the front-control knobs to provide more cooking space with edge-to-edge grates.