Reach uncharted heights with the latest mass timber products


Reach uncharted heights with the latest mass timber products

Pictured: Brisco Manufacturing Ltd.’s Glulam Plus lines the parking link garage buildings at Prince George Airport in British Columbia, Canada. (Courtesy Brisco Manufacturing Ltd.)

The latest mass timber products have strength, stability, and design flexibility. These cross-laminated timber (CLT), glued-laminated timber (GLT), and structural composite lumber (SCL) products can realize building heights and spans that would have previously required steel, masonry, or concrete structural support.

Brisco Fine Line Panels Brisco Manufacturing Ltd.
(Courtesy Brisco Manufacturing Ltd.)

Brisco Fine Line Panels
Brisco Manufacturing Ltd.

Ideal for floor, ceiling, wall, or roof applications, these laminated veneer lumber (LVL) panels are designed with layers of thin scarf jointed veneers. They are offered in sizes up to 11½ inches thick, 48 inches wide, and up to 60 feet long.

KLH Cross-Laminated Timber KLH Massivholz
(Courtesy KLH Massivholz)

KLH Cross-Laminated Timber
KLH Massivholz

These spruce CLT panels come in two types (transverse and longitudinal) and have three structural applications: for walls (transverse panel); and for slabs and roofs (longitudinal panel). Both panel types are made with double layers to increase rigidity and can be up to 55 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 1½ feet thick.

Nordic X-Lam Nordic Structures
(Courtesy Nordic Structures)

Nordic X-Lam
Nordic Structures

Nordic Structures CLT is fashioned from three orthogonal layers of lumber laminated with glue and structural adhesives. It can be used in wall panels, floor slabs, roof slabs, and light framing.

(Courtesy Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation)

Glulam Plus
Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation

This glued-laminated product is made with Douglas fir wood with small knots and tight growth rings. Glulam Plus can be engineered in an array of shapes and sizes for various structural applications.

Westlam Beams Western Archrib
(Courtesy Western Archrib)

Westlam Beams
Western Archrib

Pairing a unique combination of western spruce and lodgepole pine, Westlam Beams are made from structural glued-laminated timber in imperial and metric sizes. Potential applications include floor beams, roof beams, headers, purlins, and trusses.

SmartLam Cross-Laminated Timber SmartLam
(Courtesy SmartLam)

SmartLam Cross-Laminated Timber

Appropriate for floor, roof, and wall applications, SmartLam’s cross-lamination technology allows for two-way span applications. The units are made with spruce-pine-fir and hem-fir lumber in 12 inch to 120-inch widths, 4⅛ inch to 12⅜ inch thicknesses, and up to 40 foot lengths.