Noisy (home)office? Acoustic lighting can absorb sound in large, open spaces

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Noisy (home)office? Acoustic lighting can absorb sound in large, open spaces

Photo: AndLIGHT'S acoustic sconces illuminate spaces below and absorb noise simultaneously.(Courtesy ANDlight)

Designed for both large and small open spaces, these fixtures illuminate interior environments and simultaneously reduce ambient noise.

(Courtesy Focal Point)

Focal Point

With a flower-inspired shape, Blume disperses a range of illumination from narrow spot to wide flood. To fit various ceiling heights and combinations of luminaries, Focal Point offers solid or pinstripe options in 12-inch or 19-inch diameters.

(Courtesy Luxxbox)

Helm Hush

This pendant light features a thermo-molded felt shell made from acoustic-rated materials. Made from 100 percent wool, it can be specified in a variety of colors.

(Courtesy LightArt)

Echo One

Unlike most noise-absorbing luminaires, Echo One sticks out—literally. Its radiating fins project from the central luminaire to form a starburst shape. Available in 51-inch or 63-inch widths and 15 colors, the chandelier is made-to-order in LightArt’s Seattle factory.

(Courtesy ANDlight)

Slab W20

This atypical acoustic lighting has a slim-profile oblong shape. The inconspicuous fixture dampens noise with a merino wool lens cover, offered in six colorways.

(Courtesy Estiluz)

Revolta with acoustic panel

Revolta features a loop-shaped design that can be fitted with an acoustic panel. The pendant is available in two diameters and six differently colored, sound-rated fabrics.

(Courtesy Luceplan)


Industrial designer Stephen Burks designed a decorative acoustic solution with a central column spotlight flanked by three noise-absorbing panels. The flame-retardant, sound-rated upholstery is available in many of Luceplan’s fabrics and can be combined in various configurations.