Augmented reality app designed to allow artists to sell work virtually

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Augmented reality app designed to allow artists to sell work virtually

Users can either ‘place’ the artwork at the correct scale or enlarge it to any size they’d like. (Courtesy ALL World)

Amid a nearly worldwide quarantine enacted to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, members of the art community have had to come up with new and novel methods of presenting their work without a physical audience. Developments in virtual visualization have seemingly accelerated at an unprecedented pace within the last several weeks, with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) programs attempting to simulate the experience of visiting spaces and artwork in person through a variety of methods. Last month, for instance, the app-based art platform Acute Art presented EXPANDED HOLIDAY, an AR exhibition that placed 12 sculptures from the New York-based artist KAWS around the world.

Competing AR company and self-publishing platform ALL World, founded by artists Sebastian Errazuriz and Zander Eckblad, developed a similar, yet more open-access concept for less established artists to share their art with the world in the hopes of finding prospective buyers, in keeping with their tagline “augmented reality for all.”

A video released by the company demonstrates the potential application of the app in use through New York City, beginning with a man entering the Metropolitan Museum of Art and digitally placing a bust of Mark Zuckerberg among Ancient Greek statuary, followed by the placement increasingly of large artworks set throughout the city’s public squares.

A button on the home page encourages users to create their own “AR exhibition” by uploading a three-dimensional digital version of their physical objects and setting prices for their artworks. While the work will initially attempt to be placed at an accurate scale, users have the ability to enlarge it seemingly ad infinitum. The nascent website offers a small handful of artworks to virtually play with, several of which are provided by Errazuriz, whose work ranges from public art to interior architecture, as well as a speculative proposal for the renovation of Notre Dame.