KOVA’s interior glass wall system is future-proofing workplace design

KOVA’s interior glass wall system is future-proofing workplace design

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Flexibility in the way people work and where work takes place, whether in the office or remotely, necessitates equally flexible physical environments. KOVA believes that workplaces that incorporate a balance of private enclave and collaborative space address the needs of an increasingly mobile, flexible workforce.

Over the last year, the KOVA brand asked themselves—why not build a system that adapts to the current needs and is easy to disassemble, reconfigure and repurpose? One as adaptable to change as the people who will inhabit it. The result, the KOVA modular interior wall system.

Designed to take the complexity, cost, and waste out of interior office and amenity space layout and construction, the new line offers flexible finishes, a simplified approach to design and installation, and a quality solution at a great price.

The interior wall system brings best in class quality, ease of installation, and flexibility to designing and building interior spaces, conference rooms and storefront panels. Regardless of the available footprint, each product in the line is part of a thoughtfully designed, cohesive collection purpose-built to bring beautiful, functional spaces to life. Customizable materials and finishes give designers the ability to create spaces purpose-built for each unique environment.

Sustainably built with the future in mind, KOVA manufactures the interior wall system using best practices in a state of the art, North America-based factory. The glass manufacturing uses an innovative water use system harvesting rainwater, cleaning and reusing it through multiple cycles.