The Architect’s Newspaper introduces Trading Notes

Weekly Discussion

The Architect’s Newspaper introduces Trading Notes

In the past few weeks, we have all witnessed a dramatic shift in the way we work. Architects and designers transitioning to their living rooms, connected to each other via chat and webcam, while trade partners labor on building sites—where they remain open, that is. Who counts as “essential” and “nonessential” in this scenario? Have we been measuring productivity wrong? And what new techniques might emerge to bridge the gap?

This Friday at 1:00 p.m., The Architect’s Newspaper launches Trading Notes, a weekly discussion series that will tackle questions such as these. The first in the series, Construction in the Age of COVID-19: How are Firms Keeping Projects Online?, will provide perspectives from the architecture, engineering, and construction professions on navigating the challenges facing construction right now. Speakers include Sasaki director of technical resources and associate partner Bradford J. Prestbo; Hatfield Group managing partner Erleen Hatfield, Moody Nolan CEO Jonathan Moody; and Sciame Construction president Joseph Mizzi.

Registration is free and is linked here.

Over the coming weeks, AN will continue the dialogue with an array of subjects pertaining to the AEC and design industries. The weekly topics are listed below, and the speakers will be announced closer to the air dates.

(4/17) Supplying the Front Line: Tips for 3D Printing of Medical Components

(4/24) System Disruption: Managing Project Logistics During the Pandemic

(5/1) Shovels in the Ground: How Developers are Preparing for the Next Step