We live in extreme times

We live in extreme times

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Raging fires, excessive high winds, relentless floodwaters, deep freezes, and oppressive heat have dominated the headlines in recent years. We create elaborate programs to evaluate our buildings’ impact on the environment, yet we fail to consider the environment’s impact on our buildings.

Resiliency and durability are not in the code, nor in materials or quality of the installation. Rather, they lie in assembly testing and the designs born from that knowledge. The results of this lack of focus on the environment’s impact on our built environment are evident in the floods of Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina, the wind-driven fires of California and the sustained winds of Hurricane Dorian.

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Demilec, a leader in the development of highly resilient insulation and buildable assemblies, consistently delivers fully tested assemblies and guide specifications to enhance envelope performance under extreme conditions. Do your materials of choice do that? Do they meet your performance expectations—or simply the code?

Demilec Heatlok HFO Pro surpasses the FM wind uplift test assembly, far exceeds the FEMA insulation requirements for use in flood zones (Class 5), has no wind-load height limitations in exterior-cavity wall applications and is Miami-Dade County approved.

Have you considered Demilec Heatlok HFO Pro?