AN has a new look

Keeping it fresh

AN has a new look

This week we rolled out a new look for The Architect’s Newspaper. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

The redesign was well underway when the pandemic set in and all of the paper’s staff retreated to their respective cocoons. The past few months the team worked to finesse the design—by art director Ian Thomas—and ready it for launch. The migration finally went into effect last weekend, and we hope that readers have already noticed marked improvements over the old site: It’s now easier than ever to stay up-to-date on the world of architecture, browse articles and related content, find events and competitions, explore our products library, or sign up for a newsletter (we put out several a week).

Drawing inspiration from Massimo Vignelli’s classic templates for The Herald and Skyline, the new site employs a ruled system with a view to enhancing visual clarity and eliminating redundancies in navigation. It is clearly ordered and gives a fuller sense of AN’s varied coverage, from architecture and construction to planning and transportation (click on the “hamburger” for additional categories). Additionally, it calls the reader’s attention to long-form features, bringing the site in line with the feel of the physical newspaper. (Subscribe here!) Neat but not pristine, the design easily flexes across platforms.

The new site will help AN continue what it does best—serving up news, cultural reporting, and insights about and for our tight community of architects, designers, contractors, engineers, and developers. But we also expect it will help us promote new programming like Trading Notes, our weekly, Zoom-based panel discussions; elevate editorial projects like our incipient Post-Pandemic Potentials series, and put the spotlight on diverse industry voices.

Have a look around, and let us know what you think.

Diana Darling, AN Media Group, and The Architect’s Newspaper editors