Reengineered textiles and acoustic solutions soften up austere healthcare environments

Healthy Hides

Reengineered textiles and acoustic solutions soften up austere healthcare environments

(Courtesy Architex)

Helping to make otherwise sterile healthcare facilities more comfortable and hospitable, these acoustic and textile products reduce excessive noise while also serving as aesthetic accents.

fabric samples placed on top of eachother
(Courtesy Architex)

Bargello and Porter

Featuring the latest in silicone hybrid technology, Bargello and Porter are two variants in Architex’s Authentec nonwoven pattern range. These textile products’ hybrid construction pairs a polyurethane mid-layer with a silicone top layer to create performance, durability, and cleanability while minimizing cost. A stylized flame stitch characterizes Bargello. Porter features a small-scale windowpane pattern.

fabric samples on a pebble surface
(Courtesy CF Stinson)

Balance with Sunbrella Assure
CF Stinson

Created using Sunbrella Assure, a sustainably engineered, fluorine-free technology that delivers enhanced stain repellency and durability, the Balance collection by CF Stinson imbues healthcare interiors with bold patterns, vibrant colors, and unparalleled softness. Using biophilic elements such as leaves and flowers, this collection is designed to provide a holistic balance for patients and their caregivers.

green acoustic tiles behind a chair, lamp, and rug
(Courtesy Unika Vaev)

Design Studio Tile Collection
Unika Vaev

Unika Vaev’s varied collection of self-adhesive Design Studio Tiles comes in assorted geometric shapes and colorways. Following the strictest sustainability and fire standards, these acoustic wall panels can be arranged in a myriad of configurations and can be applied to various types of surfaces. All Design Studio Tiles may be moved for up to ten minutes after initial installation. 

a hospital fabric partition screen
(Courtesy Maharam)


Clad by Maharam is a densely woven privacy curtain that features bright colors in complementary hues to create a delicately blended composition. This textile room divider plays with contrast by combining a plain-weave menswear gingham with a bright color palette. Machine washable, Clad is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and PFAS free.

a fabric sample loosely rolled up and placed on another fabric surface
(Courtesy KnollTextiles)


Plaidtastic by KnollTextiles is an extra-large, multicolor plaid inspired by vintage fashion. This stain-repellent, antimicrobial, and bleach-cleanable textile is suitable for a wide range of healthcare industry applications. Plaidtastic comes in six colorways, each with 26 yarn colors. Finished with KnollTextiles’ INCASE coating, this product can withstand abrasions of up to 100,000 double rubs.

samples of semi-translucent walls lined up together
(Courtesy 3form)

Artisan Collection

3form’s new Artisan Collection symbolizes the connections we have with our environment and the people who create them. Designed collaboratively with skilled artisans from around the world, this range of layered acoustic solutions offers four culturally specific and colorful inlaid patterns. The textiles can be anchored in the brand’s popular Varia panel product to bring a sense of natural bliss to various gathering spaces.