Daily digest: DXA studio’s Midtown Viaduct heads to the Biennale, high-class vaccinations, and more

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Daily digest: DXA studio’s Midtown Viaduct heads to the Biennale, high-class vaccinations, and more

DXA studio’s Midtown Viaduct proposal, which will feature at the Venice Architecture Biennale starting on May 22 (Courtesy DXA studio)

Welcome back to another Tuesday roundup of today’s news from around the world, whether it be art, architecture, or urbanism.

Here’s what you need to know:

DXA studio’s steel bridge to Hudson Yards will go on display at the Venice Architecture Biennale

Interior rendering of a bridge suspended in a gallery space
A rendering of Time Space Existence (Courtesy DXA studio)

DXA studio’s Midtown Viaduct, a proposal first unveiled in 2019 to link Manhattan’s Moynihan Train Hall and Hudson Yards with a parametrically designed steel pedestrian bridge, is heading to Italy. As part of the Venice Architecture Biennale’s Time Space Existence exhibition at Palazzo Bembo, renderings and a 3D-printed model of the swooping, curved bridge will be put on display. The Midtown Viaduct, which likely won’t even be built but could be constructed from water-cut, prefabricated steel sections, won first place in a Metals in Construction magazine competition in 2019.

In Italy, shuttered art museums find a new life as vaccination hubs

Italy’s museums are joining the push to get citizens vaccinated, and that includes the popular Castello di Rivoli. Visitors just outside of Turin heading in to get their shots can enjoy a full soundscape from composer Egon Elliut that ushers guests from room to room, while undulating murals from Swiss artist Claudia Comte surround patrons during and after their vaccinations.

H/t to the New York Times

Jenny Holzer uses the Guggenheim Bilbao as a canvas for an AR installation

Speaking of art, conceptual artist and designer Jenny Holzer is projecting her latest piece across the facade of the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Bilbao… virtually. In Like Beauty In Flames, Holzer has projected text onto the exterior and interior of the museum, only viewable through an augmented reality phone app. A third piece can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

H/t to Wallpaper

A first look at Fanny’s, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ restaurant and cafe

Interior drawing of a chic restaurant
(Courtesy the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures)

Los Angeles’s Commune Design is designing the 10,000-square-foot Fanny’s, the eatery component of the highly anticipated Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. The Renzo Piano-designed institution has had to push its opening date back to September 30 of this year due to COVID, but when it opens, so too will the 250-seat restaurant overseen by Wolfgang Puck Catering. The vibe will be warm and organic with a throwback feel to the glamor days of Hollywood.

Illinois’ first capital keeps getting flooded

Tiny Kaskaskia Island, once the state capital of Illinois before a shift in the Mississippi River surrounded it with water on all sides, is home to only 18 permanent residents. As the surrounding rivers continue to rise due to climate change and more development upstream, catastrophic flooding has become more and more common and its remaining residents are slowly packing up.

H/t to The Chicago Tribune

New York City restores 24/7 subway service

Straphangers, rejoice: A year after New York City started shuttering subway service from 1:00 a.m. through 5:00 a.m. to scrub down surfaces, 24-hour service will resume on Monday, May 17. Long seen as “hygiene theater” that went on well after it was discovered that airborne transmission was the primary driver of COVID spread, the early morning closure disproportionately affected lower income workers either leaving for a long day at work or coming home from a night shift.

H/t to Jalopnik