New and improved remote working software has kept architects active throughout the pandemic

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New and improved remote working software has kept architects active throughout the pandemic

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The pandemic has revealed the full potential of remote working technologies. Equipped with the latest virtual meeting and project management tools, we’ve grown accustomed to being productive at home or elsewhere. However, for architects who rely on heavy software and intensive teamwork, this transition has been more challenging. The following selection of new and improved applications makes it easier for designers to collaborate on modeling, rendering, and BIM tasks as well as project-manage, monitor finances, and stay connected with colleagues.

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An accelerated computing infrastructure, CORE by Paperspace lets architecture firms oversee complex workflows. The program can manage multiple remote machines at once and offers shared storage. CORE also integrates with the leading CAD applications.

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BIM Collaborate Pro

The next innovation in the ongoing evolution of BIM 360 software, the new BIM Collaborate Pro program combines the best of Autodesk’s suite of products so that AEC teams can coauthor and collaborate on various design projects from as many remote locations as needed. BIM Collaborate Pro pairs with Autodesk Doc, Cloud Worksharing, Civil 3D, Plant 3D, and Revit applications.

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Resource by Monograph is a project management dashboard tool tailor-made for architects. A simplified alternative to endless spreadsheets, the application helps streamline weekly Monday morning planning meetings, saving firms with five or more employees up to $100,000 in billable hours each year.

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BQE CORE Architect

A cloud-based platform, BQE CORE Architect by BQE manages time and expense tracking, as well as invoicing, accounting, project management, HR, and CRM. The easy-to-use interface incorporates powerful automatization and can be used on different mobile and stationary devices. Integrated artificial intelligence provides dynamic, real-time insight into the progress of a given project.

the home page of a architectural modeling software
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Ideate BIMLink
Ideate Software

The Ideate BIMLink plug-in provides architects with better control of their Autodesk Revit data. Users can interface between Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and input volumes of BIM data back into Revit with a new level of precision and speed. Accessible from multiple devices simultaneously, the application makes full use of Excel and Revit’s capabilities and can process multiple streams of data at any given moment.

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Enscape 3.0

Incorporating the quality of high-end video game technology, the recently released Enscape 3.0 is collaborative real-time rendering and virtual reality software. The modeling application allows for faster builds with less error. With quicker turnaround times, different team members can review designs simultaneously and swiftly implement changes if needed.