Dedicated software helps AEC design professionals expedite the most complex timber construction projects

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Dedicated software helps AEC design professionals expedite the most complex timber construction projects

(Courtesy GSE Wood)

The latest software and building information management tools help architects, engineers, and contractors achieve accuracy and maintain control, especially when dealing with a myriad of components at once. Specialized for timber construction, these programs facilitate wall and floor framing, product specification, and more.

a 3d modeling software tool
(Courtesy WoodWorks)

Shearwalls 2019

Capable of modeling wood frame structures up to six stories high, WoodWorks’ Shearwalls 2019 software conforms to NDS 2018, IBC 2018, ASCE 7-16, and SDPWS 2015 standards. Various functions expedite wind and seismic loads. The program simulates load distribution and generates shear walls.

a floorpan showing timber framing and points of structural weakness
(Courtesy Boise Cascade)

BC FloorValue
Boise Cascade

BC FloorValue was developed by Boise Cascade to accompany the company’s suite of engineered wood products. The software identifies issues within floor designs before installation by detecting areas of weakness, poor weight distribution, sheathing deflection, and excessive vibration.

a 3d rendering of a timber structure
(Courtesy GSE Wood)

GSE Wood

Developed by Safi, GSE Wood is a general structural engineering software made for designing and analyzing engineered wood beam-column structures and light wood framing. A suite of extensions provides architects and contractors with the possibility of combining these two types of construction and working with automated parametric generation.

product management software
(Courtesy Weyerhaeuser)


Stellar is an inventory software by Weyerhaeuser that assists dealers and specifiers in making the right decisions when ordering lumber. As well as keeping track of orders, the program generates optimized shipping lists and instructions for automated cutting equipment.

the main page of a digital modeling software program
(Courtesy RISA)


RISA-3D is an easy-to-use program that connects geometric visualizations with input spreadsheets. Its dynamic analysis feature allows architects and engineers to rapidly design wooden structures. The software can also create clear, visually appealing reports.

a 3d rendering of a timber frame structure
(Courtesy SketchUp)


SketchUp offers its users a wide range of design and construction-capable extensions. Recently launched by third-party developer John Brock, a custom home builder, the Framer plugin can imbue almost any SketchUp model with accurate and realistic timber frames.