More than ever, the right barriers can make or break a facade

Better Safe than Sorry

More than ever, the right barriers can make or break a facade

(Courtesy Georgia Pacific)

Sourcing the right air or weather barriers can make all the difference on projects large or small. The latest insulation and wrapping products have been reengineered to support a wide range of facade systems with simplicity, energy efficiency, and easy application.

a man spraying a wall
(Courtesy Dupont)

Thermax Wall System

Adhering to all IBC and ASHRAE requirements, DuPont’s Thermax Wall System solution protects steel-frame and woodstud facades from excessive moisture and condensation. The product’s streamlined design, reduced energy consumption, and low carbon footprint ensure its high performance.

the exterior of a building
(Courtesy ROCKWOOL)


A semirigid insulation board developed for exterior cavity walls and rainscreens, Cavityrock by ROCKWOOL achieves exceptional thermal efficiency. Compatible with a variety of framing and cladding systems, the product is also fire resistant, maintains moisture control, and reaches a high level of acoustic performance.

a building in front of a city with a lighting strike
(Courtesy Georgia Pacific)

DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board

The first gypsum roof covering of its kind, the new DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board by Georgia-Pacific protects largescale commercial buildings from severe weather conditions. This premium product meets FM Global’s Very Severe Hail Standard and a growing demand for puncture protection.

the exterior of a building
(Courtesy Tremco)

Outsulation Plus MD Securock ExoAir 430

The new MD Securock ExoAir 430 lining adds a second layer of air and weather protection to Tremco’s tried-and-true Outsulation product. This innovation features adhesive channels to provide moisture drainage that works with system termination options.

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(Courtesy Kryton)

Krystol Waterstop System

Krystol Waterstop System by Kryton is one of the few solutions available for waterproofing concrete construction joints, penetrations, and tie-holes. This multifaceted system comprises the manufacturer’s proprietary Krystol Waterstop Grout, Krystol Waterstop Treatment, Krytonite Swelling Waterstop, and Crack Inducing Waterstop products.

the exterior of a building
(Courtesy Sto Corp)

Sto RapidGuard
Sto Corp.

Sto Corp.’s Sto RapidGuard helps expedite projects that would otherwise be delayed by excessive rain. This barrier product adheres to damp substrates without sweltering or requiring additional drying time. Sto RapidGuard seals cracks and seams and doesn’t weaken preexisting barrier panels.