Decorative glass provides architects and designers with endless possibilities

Ornament isn't crime

Decorative glass provides architects and designers with endless possibilities

(Courtesy Cristacurva)

Function isn’t all there is to architectural glass. Used to make a statement, express a mood, or match an aesthetic, these customized or serial-produced glass components add depth, detail, and texture to otherwise bland expanses or backdrops.

the exterior of a building
(Courtesy Walker Glass)

Walker Glass

The Textures collection relies on acid-etched glass to withstand years of use and exposure. The durable material comes in four different opacities, including translucent satin, and as many tints, including an elegant bronze.

two sheet of a material and a coin
(Courtesy Pulp Studio)

Pulp Studio

With a thickness comparable to that of a dime, the new DermaGlass range from Pulp Studio is more durable than it looks. The malleable heat-treated product can be used to cover and even wrap various architectural elements and is available in a wide variety of finishes and colorways.

a stairwell with a glass surface
(Courtesy Bendheim)

Textured Glass

Bendheim’s Textured Glass collection of partition and wall surfaces allows designers to mix and match textures or customize material attributes (like adding a mirror interlayer or back-painting). In addition, the product can be mounted using the manufacturer’s proprietary TurnKey, Wall-LH, and Wall-F systems.

the exterior of a building
(Courtest Cristacurva


Pitched at the high-end interior market, Cristacurva’s Creanza family of decorative glass products offers endless opportunity for customization. Users can realize their designs in glass by means of printing, silk-screening, interlaying, etching, and more.

a glass material surface
((Courtesy Nathan Allan Glass Studios)

Josiah J
Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Crafted by Nathan Allan artists and suitable for multiple applications, the Josiah J collection offers deeply textured cast architectural glass patterns with evocative names (Molten, Thick, Iceberg) to match. In addition to texture, the series offers boldly rendered colors, including the iridescent hues of the Fusion series.

an interior with furniture a glass portion wall
(Courtesy Lasvit)


The new Tapestry art wall connection draws on the rich tradition and craftsmanship of Czech glassblowing. The modular striped, draped, and grid components can be fastened together with flexible metal anchoring solutions.