The latest barriers, coatings, and sealants for seamless and efficient enclosures

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The latest barriers, coatings, and sealants for seamless and efficient enclosures

(Courtesy Glasswerks)

Want a seamless fit for your glass enclosure? Then you need sealants and barriers. Not only do they secure panels, windows, and doors in place, but they also help buildings control temperature and keep them energy efficient. These coatings and sprays offer even more protection.

caulking around a window frame
(Courtesy DuPont)

Great Stuff Pro Window & Door


A cornerstone of DuPont’s wide range of building products, Great Stuff Pro Window & Door is a super-strong spray-foam agent that works to bond construction materials like glass to encasements and other framing solutions. Filling in any gap, this adhesive provides a fast-grab tack and guarantees a long-term bond.

Weather barriers being installed outside of a house
(Courtesy Poly Wall)


Poly Wall

Used to strip in or flash rectilinear window frames, Poly Wall WindowSeal self-adhering tape comprises waterproofed rubberized asphalt and laminated polyethylene film. It’s a combination that provides excellent elasticity during installation while also creating a powerful bond.

A curvy window wall assembly
(Courtesy Glasswerks)

G3 Seal


Available with a 20-year warranty, Glasswerks’s G3 Seal is a flexible silicone foam warm-edge spacer developed for the most demanding glazing applications. It’s far more effective at creating secure connections than traditional aluminum fixtures.

Dipping a hose for a spray barrier
(Courtesy STI Firestop)

Fast Tack Firestop Spray

STI Firestop

Specifically engineered for curtain wall systems, STI Firestop’s Fast Tack Firestop Spray can withstand all types of weather, including below-freezing temperatures. It is notable for its auto-bonding feature and is very quick to dry.

caulking around a window frame
(Courtesy Tremco)

TremGlaze S500+


Tremco’s TremGlaze S500+ is a heavy-duty sealant engineered for a wide range of glazing solutions. Perfect for tough jobs, it also comes in numerous colors that match almost every standard building material.

A close-up of black foam insulation
(Courtesy Owens Corning)


Owens Corning 

Thanks to its unique material composition, FOAMGLAS by Owe’s Corning is lightweight yet durable. Made up of sealed glass cells, the insulation is noncombustible and offers exceptional compressive strength, not to mention moisture resistance.