Smart glass solutions to transform buildings inside and out

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Smart glass solutions to transform buildings inside and out

(Courtesy Saflex)

Thanks to smart thinking and surface treatments, the latest innovative glazing and glass products are helping to transform the inside and outside of buildings. These solutions can make all the difference when it comes to meeting new energy efficiency standards or controlling the amount of natural light that a space takes in. Some combat the threat of fire or even bird impact with style and grace.

blue hombre glass in a commercial setting
(Courtesy SageGlass)

Harmony – SageGlass

SageGlass’s Harmony glazing solution affords large or small projects with glare protection and daylight controls. Notably, the product incorporates a gradual in-pane tint transition system capable of producing stunning visual effects without obstructing views.

Four large, vertical windows looking out on a city skyline
(Courtesy SaftiFirst)

SuperLite II-XL 60 – SaftiFirst

The SuperLite II-XL 60 transparent wall solution by SaftiFirst is fire resistant for up to 60 minutes. The customizable glass product—available in different glazing and opening applications and in the industry’s largest dimensions—can withstand impact, radiant heat, hose streams, thermal shock, and pressure.


four variations of pattern-etched glass to prevent bird strikes
(Courtesy Guardian Glass)

Bird1st Etch – Guardian Glass

Hoping to prevent the all-too-common and tragic reality of bird collisions with glass buildings, the new Bird1st Etch product by Guardian Glass sports nuanced yet highly visible acid-etched motifs. Available in four variations, the glass offers flexibility for curtain walls and other facade applications.

long rectangular building with an overhanging roof and large glass openings
(Courtesy Walker Glass)

AviProtek – Walker Glass

As the name implies, Walker Glass’s AviProtek is designed to protect our feathered friends. Etched patterns on the outer layer of the glass ensures a better rate of detection and collision avoidance. Considering the facade in all its nuance, the product can be used in guardrails, rainscreens, or insulated units, and comes with a ten-year warranty.

3D rendering of interior with chairs and coffee table in front of the ocean
(Courtesy Saflex)

Crystal Clear PVB – Saflex

If the aim of architectural glass is hyper clarity, then Saflex’s new Crystal Clear PVB laminated glass product succeeds. Perfect for premium applications and designs requiring laminated low-iron glass, this aesthetic solution renders the glass necessary for insulation nearly invisible.

a New York City balcony with a glowing, opaque glass floor
(Photo by © Andy Ryan Photographer, Courtesy Glass Flooring Systems)

SkyFloor Walkable Skylights Series 2000 – Glass Flooring Systems

The SkyFloor Walkable Skylights Series 2000 breaks new ground, being the first solution of its kind to receive an ICC certification. The product—the flagship of Glass Flooring Systems—is perfect for small spaces or structures that require additional exposure without giving up on the overall area.