Announcing the winners of our 2022 Best of Practice Awards

Best of Practice Awards

Announcing the winners of our 2022 Best of Practice Awards

Harvard University District Energy Facility by Leers Weinzapfel Associates (LWA) (Brad Feinknopf)

The Architect’s Newspaper acknowledges the work of national leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry through our awards programs. Whether through the realization of captivating projects (recognized through our Best of Design Awards) or the creation of unique items (realized through our Best of Products Awards), AN supports the AEC industry as a trusted source for news, products, developments, trends, and updates.

With our Best of Practice Award, AN tips our hat to North American firms excelling at every level of the AEC industry. Honoring firms of all sizes working in all regions, the award offers a snapshot of what practice looks like today.

AN convened a group of leading minds to assess the entries and select the winners for this year’s Best of Practice Awards. The jury chose winners and honorable mentions according to relevant criteria. The winners demonstrate that the establishment of a successful company is as valuable as the creation of a singular building or the production of a popular product. Scroll on to see the winning firms!

The Best of Practice Awards Jury:

Chris T. Cornelius

Principal & Founder


Sam Alison-Mayne



DK Osseo-Asare

Cofounding Principal

Low Design Office (LOWDO)

Coren Sharples


SHoP Architects

Melissa Shin

Founding Partner

Shin Shin

Victor “Trey” Trahan III

Founder & CEO

Trahan Architects

Aaron Seward

Editor in Chief

The Architect’s Newspaper

Samuel Medina

Contributing Editor

The Architect’s Newspaper


Architect (Large Firm) – Midwest

(Courtesy Ross Barney Architects)


Ross Barney Architects

“Ross Barney Architects should be recognized for the firm’s long-standing commitment to collaborative and inclusive civic engagement and for using design as a tool to empower communities and to bring greater equity and accessibility to the public realm.” —Coren Sharples

Honorable Mention

WSA Studio

Architect (Large Firm) –  Northeast

University of Pennsylvania Gateway Complex by Leers Weinzapfel Associates (PeterAaron/Esto)


Leers Weinzapfel Associates (LWA)

“With a clear focus on the cultural and historical context of each project, LWA’s body of work demonstrates that a project’s unique location should result in a building that is responsive. Not defined by style, but more so by a building’s performance, the work seems particularly adept at navigating various typologies.” —Trey Trahan

Honorable Mentions


INC Architecture & Design

Architect (Large Firm) – Southeast

(Courtesy HASTINGS Architecture)


HASTINGS Architecture

“HASTINGS Architecture leads by example through proactive investment in sustainability, converting Nashville’s former city library into their office and supporting young designers through registration. The result is a resonant architecture rooted in place.” —DK Osseo-Assare

Honorable Mention

Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Architect (Large Firm) – Southwest

Home Building at Thaden School in Bentonville, Arkansas by EskewDumezRipple (Timothy Hursley)


EskewDumezRipple (EDR)

“It’s rare for a firm to take on the project diversity of EDR’s portfolio and retain a sense of resonance across scales. Perhaps it’s the environmental extremes we face in New Orleans or the spectacular cuisine…..whatever the case the work of EDR manifests something particular to their homebase.” —Trey Trahan

Architect (Large Firm) – West

The Press by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects (Matthew Millman)


Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects (EYRC)

“EYRC has set an extremely high standard for practice through its expansive portfolio of quality work, a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and an investment in staff organized initiatives in order to maintain an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability.” —Melissa Shin

Honorable Mention

Opsis Architecture 

Architect (New Firm) – West

(Ivan Feign)



“Emerging practice archemy.LA offers an outsized dedication to diversity and community, pioneering a contemporary ‘turnkey,’ design-build approach to deliver residential worlds, designed for life, to a broader public.” —DK Osseo-Assare

Architect (Small Firm) – Midwest

(Courtesy El Dorado)


El Dorado

“I was impressed by how the firm has managed to scale up but remain true to their roots—the integration of art, architecture and fabrication. In doing so they’ve transformed a challenge into an asset that defines their brand.” —Coren Sharples

Honorable Mention


Architect (Small Firm) – Northeast

(Photo Iwan Baan courtesy of Young Projects)


Young Projects

“The virtuosic work of Young Projects engages with innovative material research, complex geometric form, and provocative aesthetic inquiries. Their projects capture a wide range, from the scale of a table to a resort, showing a commitment to the practice of architecture that eliminates any preconceived notions of what a small practice can achieve.” —Melissa Shin

Honorable Mentions

Alda Ly Architecture 


Peterson Rich Office (PRO)

Architect (Small Firm) – Southeast

(Courtesy Katherine Hogan Architects)


Katherine Hogan Architects

“Katherine Hogan Architects reinvents conventions of architecture to challenge how society’s injustices are structured into the built environment, including exploring an expanded mode of practice that includes roles as contractor, owner and developer.” —DK Osseo-Assare

Honorable Mention

Duvall Decker Architects

Architect (Small Firm) – Southwest

(Courtesy Marlon Blackwell Architects)


Marlon Blackwell Architects

“Marlon and his firm continue to leave a lasting impact on the built environment of Northwest Arkansas. His work continues to be novel, thoughtful, and provocative despite working within constraints that would normally diminish a project—they always find a way to deliver projects that are unexpected and clever.” —Trey Trahan

Honorable Mention


Architect (Small Firm) – West

(Benny Chan)


Kevin Daly Architects

“Kevin Daly Architects unanimously raises the standard for practice, championing architecture at the highest level of design and execution. The firm approaches the industry with a criticality and curiosity that stems from expertise, and is leading the conversation about housing and construction methodologies. This practice displays a continual commitment to innovation, new avenues of collaboration, and professional mentorship, establishing a new precedent by which architects should engage with the profession and society at large.” —Melissa Shin

Honorable Mentions

Jonathan Segal Architect 

Design, Bitches

Architect (XL Firm) – Northeast

Two Dry Dock in Boston (Robert Benson)



“SGA synthesizes their sustainable architecture, design, and planning expertise into a novel building technology framework that accelerates the impact of new innovation on society by means of flexible life science lab facilities that are designed to evolve.” —DK Osseo-Assare

Honorable Mention


Architect (XL Firm) – Midwest

(Courtesy Cannon Design)


Cannon Design

“Among the world’s global firms of impressive staffing size, Cannon stands out as a firm that is delivering thoughtful solutions across a wide range of typologies.” —Trey Trahan 

Architect (XL Firm) – Southwest

(Courtesy CallisonRTKL)



“CallisonRTKL advocates for architecture to operate as an agent for positive social, cultural, and environmental transformation, using a human-centered design jointly with clients to address complex global challenges of climate and equity through the future-proofing of place.” —DK Osseo-Assare

Architect (XL Firm) – West

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Courtesy Jonathan Hillyer)


Miller Hull Partnership

“Miller Hull has been committed to sustainable design long before it was fashionable or marketable. They deserve to be recognized for their prescient vision and leadership in what is now recognized as one of the most critical aspects of practice.” —Coren Sharples

Honorable Mention

Olson Kundig

Landscape Architect – Northeast

The Chicago Botanic Garden (Courtesy Mikyoung Kim Design)


Mikyoung Kim Design 

“Mikyoung Kim Design crafts restorative landscapes, visionary and resplendent, from Seoul’s Cheonggye River to Miami’s Bal Harbour, in the service of resilient place-making, while working to realize landmark projects for gender and racial inclusion and spatial justice.” —DK Osseo-Assare

Honorable Mention

Reed Hilderbrand Landscape Architects

Landscape Architect –  Southwest

The Brochstein Pavilion at Rice University by OJB Landscape Architecture (Hester and Hardaway)


OJB Landscape Architecture 

“OJB excels at creating vibrant and active parks and landscapes. Their work invigorates the communities in which they build—leveraging ecology, play, and beautiful materiality to create spaces that become places.” —Trey Trahan

Landscape Architect – West

The Beach at Expedia Group, Seattle by Surfacedesign Inc. (Marion Brenner)


Surfacedesign Inc. 

“Surfacedesign combines landscape architecture and urban design into a transdisciplinary practice that seeks to connect natural and built environments through hybrid forms of urbanism informed by listening to both users and site.” —DK Osseo-Assare

Honorable Mention

Spiegel Aihara Workshop (SAW)

Lighting Designer – Northeast 

(Michael Grimm)


Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc. 

“I’m drawn to the artistry and experimentation that FMS deploys in their work. They embrace nuance, materiality, and scale to provide lighting designs that evoke an atmosphere.” —Trey Trahan

Honorable Mention

L’Observatoire International

MEP Engineer – Northeast

The Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 127 Rehabilitation and Renovation (Courtesy JFK&M Consulting Group/S9 Architecture)


JFK&M Consulting Group

“JFK&M responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with their rapid response to design and engineer, in mere months, adaptive infrastructure to equip healthcare facilities with improved indoor air quality systems, including in underserved communities of the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.” —DK Osseo-Assare

Honorable Mention

Altieri Sebor Wieber

Structural Engineer – Northeast

The Moynihan Train Hall Skylights (Courtesy SBP /  © Lucas Blair Simpson/Aaron Fedor, Empire State Development | SOM)


Schlaich Bergermann Partner LP (SBP)

“SBP is one of the most innovative engineers working globally, full stop. In today’s climate crisis reality they are doing far more with far less than ever before—and their solutions have a simple elegance to them that allows them to stand the test of time.” —Trey Trahan

Honorable Mention

CRAFT Engineering Studio 

Structural Engineer  – Southwest

The Lumen restaurant in Detroit (Jason Keen)


Studio NYL

Studio NYL navigates scale shifts with fidelity and confidence—they provide whimsical solutions for pavilions and art projects while leading with bravado on larger projects. It’s impressive to see such capability across the spectrum of typologies and scales.” —Trey Trahan