The dudes from Dude Perfect reveal plans for Overland Partners–designed headquarters anchored by 30-story trick shot tower


The dudes from Dude Perfect reveal plans for Overland Partners–designed headquarters anchored by 30-story trick shot tower

While a location and project timeline have yet to be ironed out, the design of a future Dude Perfect sports and recreation facility is making the rounds. (Overland Partners)

The five Texan gents of YouTube sports comedy juggernaut Dude Perfect have revealed plans for a wild-looking $100 million headquarters-slash-entertainment destination that will be anchored, naturally, by a 30-story trick shot tower.

While the project is still in the early stages, the five 30-something dudes—Tyler “TT” Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and twins Cory and Coby Cotton—have been working closely with San Antonio–based architecture and urban design firm Overland Partners on the design for the proposed complex for more than a year.

“Dude Perfect has enlisted Overland to manifest their digital brand into a physical destination designed to excite and engage visitors and fans,” elaborated the firm in a project description of the planned “Dude Perfect Destination.”

“The dynamic 330-foot canted tower projects from the site as a vertical expression of the brand known for their impossible shots,” the description continued. “Inside, visitors will get to try their hand at the impossible shot as they ascend through a series of floors leading up to the top of the tower, surrounded by city views. Encapsulated by the sweeping fabric structure, the iconic tower will be a focal beacon of Dude Perfect.”

rendering of a tall trick shot tower
Inside the marquee attraction, a 30-story trick shot tower. (Overland Partners)

As for what exact city the landmark tower will provide sweeping views of, that’s still very much, ahem, up in the air. While Dude Perfect is currently based in the city of Frisco, there’s a good chance that the complex could be built elsewhere, potentially outside of Texas. Speaking to Sports Business Journal, Coby Cotton said that he and his fellow Dude Perfect cocreators, all of them pals from their Texas A&M University days, “would love for it to be nearby” somewhere in North Texas, adding: “That said, we are exploring all different options and we’ve had a lot of interest from different cities.”

Brian Trubey, senior principal at Overland, told Sports Business Journal that Los Angeles and Atlanta were two cities outside of the Lone Star State that could potentially be in the running.

rendering of a sports entertainment center
Welcome to Trick Shot Town (Overland Partners)

In addition to the sky-high, vaguely Montreal Tower-esque trick shot tower, the three-story Dude Perfect HQ would also include a museum dedicated to the origin story of the brand, which boasts more than 58 million YouTube subscribers, making it the second-most-subscribed sports channel on the platform. As for the museum narrative, a fair amount of religion will likely be folded into the mix as the founders haven’t shied away from discussing their Christian faith on and off camera. As noted by the Dallas Morning News, the entrepreneurial quintet has three focus areas: “sports, entertainment and faith, all of which are molding their ideas of a family-oriented venue.”

Also envisioned are merch shops, restaurants, a mini golf course, and outdoor diversions spread across 2 acres of space.

“Our vision has always been to create a destination where families could just have an absolute blast in a very unique way,” Cobby Cotton told Sports Business Journal. (On the topic of blasts, Cotton made headlines over the summer as a crew member aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard on its August 4 flight.)

In addition to the wildly popular Dude Perfect YouTube channel, the group, established in 2009, runs two secondary channels and has delved into a variety of other media-based—and non-media—business ventures including gaming, cable television, books, and more. The dudes have also collaborated with a slew of pro athletes and celebrities. And although he now makes big bucks as a YouTuber, one Dude Perfect member, Garrett Hilbert, studied architecture at Texas A&M.

As for the 34-year-old Overland Partners, the firm, last profiled by AN for a very different type of project, doesn’t have a trove of sports/entertainment projects under its proverbial belt. However, Trubey, who joined Overland last year at its new Dallas office after a decades-spanning career with HKS, is a notable name in the field. In 1992, he launched HKS’s sports practice and subsequently helmed several major projects for the firm including, just to name a few, L.A.’s SoFi Stadium, U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and AT&T Stadium, located not too far from current Dude Perfect HQ in Arlington. With Overland, he’s also leading a dramatic redesign of Fair Park, the Dallas home of Cotton Bowl Stadium and Fair Park Coliseum. For designing a multifaceted sports and entertainment destination, he’s the dude.

We’ll circle back when more design details are released and a location is finalized.