TECH+ returns to NYC on October 21

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TECH+ returns to NYC on October 21

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On Friday October 21, The Architect’s Newspaper presents TECH+ NYC. This forum celebrates the quantum leap of technology transforming the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries. The full-day event is a continuation of our national Tech+ conference series, featuring case studies and firms from across the country.

Back in person for the first time since 2019, TECH+ NYC will be a hybrid event hosted at the Executive Conference Center in Times Square, and accessible from anywhere via our online platform.

As AEC professionals strive to build more sustainable and intelligent buildings while optimizing the design and construction process, the pursuit of technological solutions is constantly evolving. TECH+ presents the vanguard of products and software, from virtual reality-aided design to rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, smart building systems, robotics, remote sensing, and more. Exhibitors will demo these products, showing off the innovative ways to best utilize them. In this ongoing showcase of evolving technologies that drive the built environment forward, we will explore the latest developments with the makers themselves.

A sea change across the AEC Industry has taken place over the past few years; machine-learning advancements are opening new ways to automate and enable mundane design tasks and support increasingly sophisticated modeling, tracking, building forensics, analysis, and visualization. New ways to collaborate are emerging between designers, engineers, and manufacturers and are changing the way we work, and the ways in which we present our visions to clients have become more sophisticated.

The program kicks off with an address by Carlo Ratti, director of MIT’s Sensible Cities Lab, on his work using data and algorithmic processes in design research and realized work around the world. Addressing climate change and reducing embodied carbon are key drivers of AEC innovation, and technology-enabled solutions are built into the tools such as Tally, EPIC, and cove.tool, whose creators will be on hand in NYC to discuss how we can better account for our energy and material footprints in all stages of design.

Our relationship with the virtual world has also changed, from the proliferation of game engines to a great leap forward in visualization technologies and the birth of the blockchain-enabled metaverse. Ryan Scavnicky will lead a conversation on what architecture might look like when these new tools define its creation, and what our approach to virtual worlds tell us about ourselves.

Nick Cameron and Bradford Prestbo, national leaders from AIA’s Technology in Architecture Practice (TAP) will discuss the evolution of TAP, their programs, and the technology community’s evolution within the profession.

Our Startup area showcases early-stage startups pushing the boundaries of technology for the AEC industry; members from leading design schools like Parsons, Pratt, MIT, and Columbia GSAPP will participate. Sponsors will be on hand throughout the day to both present and discuss new tools and how they can be applied to your latest projects.

Microsol Resources’ support of this program spotlights industry leaders who not only use these new technologies but also develop methodologies to reshape the built environment with sessions of digital twins, VDC and more. There’s plenty to learn, share, and discuss, so join us on October 21.

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