This year’s Burning Man Temple is a giant desert flower


This year’s Burning Man Temple is a giant desert flower

The 2023 Temple of the Heart (Ela Madej and Reed Finlay)

This year, Burning Man attendees will be treated to a giant desert flower that’s both camouflaged by and stands out from the Black Rock Desert playa.

A brainchild of artist Ela Madej and designer Reed Finlay, the Temple of the Heart is a space for communal healing, a site to process grief and reconnect with emotions. The Temple’s Eastern European-influenced paneled canopy, an abundance of flowers, and, according to the artists’ statement, her “warm feminine energy,” are intended to elicit feelings of acceptance, protection, and maternal love.

Rose Altar (Ela Madej and Reed Finlay)

The structure’s towering centerpiece is the Rose Altar, a glowing room decorated with hundreds of flowers made by fellow artist-burners.

Heart Chamber (Ela Madej and Reed Finlay)
The adjacent Heart Chamber is the Temple’s main gathering space. The skylight panes are decorated with floral motifs that will shade meditations, choirs, and the BRC Philharmonic, as well as other events. There’s built-in seating to take it all in.
Ring of Offerings (Ela Madej and Reed Finlay)

Encircling the Heart Chamber is the Outer Ring, a space for reflection, walking meditation, and getting to know the stories and backgrounds of fellow Black Rock City community members. There’s a semi-private corner for quiet reflection, as well.

(Ela Madej and Reed Finlay)

At night, the temple will be a beacon in the middle of the desert.

Aerial view (Ela Madej and Reed Finlay)

A team of builders will work with Madej and Finlay to bring the structure to life for this year’s Burning Man. The event runs from August 27 through September 4.